Everyday Lucid dreamer .Characters on my dreams test me all the time!

I would like to hear from someone who is a Lucid dreamer with experience. I’m nearly a year of Lucid dreams. I try not as I am very tired of it but I cant stop it.
What people do not consider is that you can enter to be a lucid dreamer without having a control to stop it!! I prefer a rested night without any dream at all!!!I think its a waste of energy.
I would like to know some opinions about the characters of a dream.
what do you think about them. for me now that I am very lucid in my dreams they look so real to me. They perform, they look like actors playing with me. Sometimes they take the form or the energy of a person that I now and having every night to analyze them I think I am not the one that I create them. maybe my mind but not me!!!not even my mind! :S…I think they enter my mind body and play with it…like they have access to my information, my memory and then they use it.
I feel like I am trapped in a quest. This entities, characters are putting me on a test every time!!. many times there are a group of them. Some times a couple.
we enter many spaces, crossing doors, hallways, up and down stairs…dark places, or not so dark…back to my childhood house or travelling through what it looks a worn hole to their dimension.
They like I suffer.They play with me.
some times I confront them. Even I perform like exorcism or changing low energy to high frequency.
they like to piss on me,laugh at me, make me clean and tidy. Help to revive a dead baby so on…its hard and exhausting!
i thought that perhaps this will help me to be more conscious and help me in my inner work but F*** NO!!! I don’t find that!
some says…oh this evil or naughty entities teach us…I thought that perhaps they were teaching me suffer, anguish and pushing my boundaries to work in my compassion and Agape Love…like…are you going to respond with violence or are you going to take control with your will and stop it, control it with the magic word NO.
For now that I am trap in this other realities without full control Its affecting my life, my energy, my mental , energy and physical state and health.
I wish to go back to my flying dreams and vivid dreams before my full deep everyday non stop Lucid dreams!
I think that being an explorer takes some risks and we are some times Naive. We don’t know if we enter in the wolf mouth or in a trap.
I am a very optimist person. But this is the worst experience I have had in my Life!.
I think people don’t know what they are doing trying to do Lucid dreams and the dangers of it!!!