Everyone dreams

I think thats amazing that everyone dreams. they may not remmber them, but everyone dreams. are there any exceptions to the rule, and what would happen if everyone didnt dream?

Since the reason we dream is still unknown, it’s hard to tell. Still, I know there are certain medicines that “turn off” dreaming… I guess there must be non-dreaming people :smile:

people blind from birth do not dream.

Really? I’ve heard they DO dream… they just don’t see anything :smile:

maybe they expirience HI, but don’t expirience REM.

I read it in this really big book.

it would seem like the opposite, because they don’t really know what imagery is, but they cans till move their eye muscles. Right?

Maybe it depends on the cause of blindness… Dunno really :happy:

I heard that people who were born blind still dream. They just dream with sounds and sensations because it’s all they know. Must be incredibly hard to be lucid then But people who went blind in the middle of thier lives…i’m not sure. I guess they could still dream with sight. It’d be a major dream sign though :happy:

I think blind people have some sort of dreams, they cant see the real world, but they can see in their SC.

It depends what the problem is. If its that they cant open their eyelids they still can see difference between darkness and light. Im not an expert on this, sorry.

There is no exception to the “dream rule” not even for blind people or animals.

Perhaps blind people don’t move their eyes when they dream and thus, do not have “REM sleep”. Though the brain activity is the same, because there is no imagery, they don’t look around. Never the less, blindness and dreaming are not mutually exclusive.

i found a site which might give some light on the topic: https://www.infociegos.com/english/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=29

i sometimes wonder how deaf-blind people dream…

Blind people don’t dream?! Thats like saying… blind people do not have any experiences they reflect on! Now you are blind… sorry… now you can not experience feelings, sounds, emotions at all… sight and those other things all go hand in hand! :crazy:

Of course blind people dream - just what they dream and how they experience will be different to those who are visually abled! Evem amongst us sight seeing folk… our dreams differ greatly in content!

As of the Dreaming Rule - I believe there might be some exceptions to it. Mainly for people without REM sleep - who will have much less dreams then the normal person, and people who cannot sleep (Who generally die very quickly, since their bodeis collapses)