Everyone list in here all your sleep positions

everyone please post a reply after reply on all your differnet sleep positions that you use to induce an astral projection or any kind of out of body experience or even a lucid dream. I want to get good feed back and have and hope to have this topic as made a sticky. I think it would be very good for people to know the best sleep position or posture.

Just wanted to say that if ones position is succesfull it does not necesarily mean it will be for others.
In general all unusuall positions will work in favour of having ld,ap,oobe.I.e if you normally sleep on your back then you might want to try your side or the stomach.There were also posts suggesting to sleep in various places like a car or a chair.The less you are familiar with the position/place the more chances are that you will be more aware.
Of course it doesnt have to be a rule-just something you might want to take into consideration.
And important thing- trying all those weird positions should be done when you are really tired/sleepy otherwise you will find yourself slepless for whole night.
good luck.
ps.I sleep on my side/stomach and i get lds without the need of changing that.

I sleep on my side, right side preferably,
Jack; I think you’re right. I tried WILD on a bus the other day because I thought it might help, I was like ‘oh! I feel vibrations’ and then I relised it was just the bus :tongue: oh well, wild’s not really my sucess in life.

The only suitable position for attempting WILD is on your back, as far as I’m concerned. You really have to be in such a position that you’re not applying pressure to anything, cutting of your circulation, or obstructing your breathing (face down on a pillow isn’t recommended). To help relax, you should be able to completely let go - just disconnect every muscle - and forget you have a body. If this causes you discomfort, you’re in the wrong position.

If I’m not trying WILD, I’ll generally sleep on a random side.

I agree with Ath on the WILD thing, though I rarely attempt it. Normally I sleep on my right side, facing the wall. My wall is really cold and is really good when my sheets get to hot. Refreshing. Sometimes if I’m really tired i’ll sleep on my stomach, but I suppose if I was tired enough I could sleep standing up…
Haven’t noticed any connection between sleep positions and LDs yet, for me anyways.

on the back for ap/wild! it’s a position I deliberately avoid during normal sleep so it stays unusual for inducing trance. Sometimes I get lucid dreams for sleeping a whole night on my back just cause of light sleep.

every other position seems to put pressure on lungs, heart, circulation, not something I can hold long while in trance. still got many vibes and wilds from side too.

If I plan to WILD or AP i sleep on my back.
If I try it one one of my sides when I relax I get to hot.
The ears release a lot of heat so it helps me to keep cool.

I sleep on my side, my back isn’t comfortable for me for some reason. However, when I find myself doing a WILD as I awake from a dream, I realize that I’m on my back. When I wake up from LD’s, I’m usually on my back.

I always fall asleep on my back, but I don’t believe it makes a difference to whether I have any sort of lucid experience or not. I always find myself on my right when I wake up, anyhow.

Mostly on my back: it’s ideal for getting SP, inducing OBE and to meditate. Sometimes I sleep on my right: the Lion Posture, which should be ideal for LDing.

As with most of you I use my back for WILD or astral, but normally I sleep on my stomach with my face either left or right.

I usually find it easiest to fall asleep when i sleep on my left side. Its nealy impossible for me to fall asleep on my back. The weird thing, as far as i can remember, is that everytime i’ve awoken from a LD i was laying on my back(?). :eh:

I used to sleep on my side all the time, but have tried sleeping on my back to induce LD’s. I haven’t had any miraculous increase in LD’ing but I seem to sleep in longer and be more tired, so I think that it results in a lighter sleep. Could be that my body is just not used to sleeping like that.

I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, and I don’t know how that effects my lucid dreaming abilities, but I do notice that when I have trouble remembering my dreams from the night before, if I shift and sleep on my left side they sometimes miraculously (sp?) come to me.