everyone welcome the american newbie, if you will

:cool_laugh: Hi! Kim here from the USA, but call me Set. :cool: Just 2 things to say at the moment.

1- i have lucid-dreamed twice, once after a mid-night wakeup, and once cuz i realized i didn’t know where I was or how i got there. Haven’t made it to actual flying, but I partook in some long-distance hover jumps. lots of fun. but i bet you don’t really care, anyway. I just want to say that the standing in place & spinning around does help keep you asleep.

2- this is aimed at any female lucid dreamers out there. Heve you ever dreamed you were on your period when you werent, or dreamed you weren’t when you were? I’m just sort of wondering if that could be another indicator sign thing.

anyway, im off to go look for anything intresting on the rest of the forum. you really don’t have to reply if you don’t want to.

sorry if some of this doesn’t translate from english, i tried not to use to much slang.

Welcome :smile:

Love your sig, do you know the music from “Allan Parsons Project”?
Hover jumps are great fun, often did it in my non-lucids.

have fun
traumgänger (you can shorten my name any way you like :wink: )

Hi Kim welcome! Hope you will get many lds :happy:


(Traumganger, Allan Parsons Project is great!)

first of all, welcome :smile:

why, yes, i have! Never thought of using it as a lucidity trigger though :roll:
EVEN when i in the dream think huh? already? It is not time yet! lol:

[size=75](for those of you now falling off their chairs: YES i’m a woman! :wiske: That smiley should have been a huge giveaway)[/size]


what the hell?! :eh:

ewwwww… :bored:

:bored: :blush: :eek: :confused: :bored: :eh: :blush: :neutral:

runs away

And that is what we might call an overreaction. :content: . Welcome Kim, and I hope you have a good future with lucid dreaming!

Allan parson’s project? Didn’t they mention that in one of the auston powers movies? but no, i don’t think i’ve ever seen the thing or heard the music.

thankyou. The quote from poe was on a poster i stared at through the 1st half of 7th grade, every day in my study, and the one from Me is what I’ve found to happen. :slight_smile:

I mentioned the period thing cuz I can’t remember ever dreaming i’ve had my period, even when i have it IRL. strange, considering how it’s a definate part of life. must not be to much of a bother to me, i suppose.

The only 2 lucid dreams I’ve had were brought about, for lack of a better way to phrase it, because I had spent most of a day reading about it on www.spiritonline.com it’s a really interesting new-age/wiccan site. quite informative.

please excues any missing 'E’s in this poast, my E key is being stuck up. All my things seem overly tempermntal.

Hi Kim !
Welcome to the LD4ALL forum ! I’m sure u will find lots of good info in here. I wish u good luck at getting lucid dreams ! :slight_smile:
c ya !

Welcome to the boards, Set :happy:
They did mention Alan Parson’s project in Austin Powers. True true.
See you around,

Hi! I’m new, too, and I’m also from the good old U.S. of A.
Sweet dreams! :content:

Hello Kim,
Good luck on your LDing! :tongue:

I’ve a question. err, more like a weird occurrence im confused about

I had a lucid dream the other night, but the only thing i can remember about the WHOLE NIGHT is one moment where i’m standing in a dark building saying 'THis is a dream, isn’t it?" Not one moment more. and my dream recall is horrible even when im not LDing. X_X any tips?

do you keep a dream journal? if not, you really should. I used to remember about a dream a month, now that I have a dream journal I usually remember 2 or 3 dreams a night! it really works!

[color=darkred]I do keep a dream journal, as best i can. I’m always waking up late for skool & such, but im doing my best. mornings aren’t my strong suit. I’d rather sleep all day and be up at night…damn this teenaged internal clock of mine. X_X Oh well, what will be will be. thanks for the tip, and a goal to strive for. :slight_smile:

“Peace, Love and Good music” as scott would say[/color]

Welcome and welcome!

Am I the only one who dream of period occasionally??? :confused:

(Oh yes, I’m woman too… please don’t fall off the chairs! lol!)