Everything gets really small and far away... What is that?

thanks for the replies… i shall try to read about trance, then. do you think the brainwave generator could be helpful in this case, too?

the only illegal drug i have tried out is cannabis… i have only done it a couple of times, but one time i had a OBEish experience. I was walking through a forest with the friend i had smoked with when suddenly my ‘soul’ stood still while my ‘body’ still kept walking… so basically i saw myself moving away. :smile: after a few seconds i was back in my body again, and then the feeling repeated itself a couple of times.

also i could literally see time moving away. it was strange… i was sort of watching the future become present and then disappearing somewhere and becoming past. :grin:

Are there any good sources on the web on trance that i should definitely should check out in your opinion?


:smile: Hi Fabi…

Well the brainwave generator can help u a bit. (Not to much though).
I dont know about sites at the net to check for trance, i got my knowledge
from my own experience and from a few books.
I think if you use google you will find enough at the net about it!
I am not at all surprised with your OBEish experience from cannabis.
Remember with mushrooms this would be even stronger for you, lsd to!
So be carefull with those. Because of your trance induction talent.
yeah I know those time effects, that sure is trance to :happy:
That can be awsome as well as a wierd experience… :wink:

A site about selfhypnosis could teach you about trance…(and give you info to)


thanks jeff. i am really busy with a hundred thousand things i am trying to get into… i’ll see if i will have more time for that. :content:

:smile: As long as you enjoy your life its good! :wink:
So do what ever you want!


Wow, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening from pot.

it happened, though… :grin:
But only that one time. And now it is months since I last somked anyway… I am not that regular of a smoker, I guess. Fortunately, I may say. :content:


Yeah if that sort of thing happens to you, it’s probably better you stay as far away from it as possible.