Everything gets really small and far away... What is that?

I didn’t really know where to post this, but I have a question regarding a strange experience…
Since I was younger I’ve always read a lot of books. Sometimes after reading for a long time I have totally zoned out and suddenly everything gets really small and seems really far away, as if I was looking through spyglasses the wrong way. Know what I mean? Also sounds seem really far away. On the other hand I notice a lot more detail than normally… And it’s kind of as if I was just looking through somone’s eyes, like in ‘being john malkovich’. I also made the same experience a couple of times when I got high on cannabis, though not all the time.
My question is if anybody here has experienced the same thing and if yes, is it at all useful or can it be induced? Is it in any way related to experiences you have made during dreams/meditation/trance/OBEs ?

Hopefully someone here will have an answer for me…

PLEASE! :wiske:

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you, but I think I know what you mean. It is a really strange feeling where things seem out of proportion (close and yet really far away at the same time), if it is the same thing that I’m thinking of. It really freaked me out when I was a kid, and I still find it a bit unnerving.
I don’t have an explanation of what it is, but I just thought I would let you know that I have experienced it as well.
Anyone else experienced this, or can explain what is going on?

Judgeing by what you’ve said Fabi. You’ve had an OOBE by focusing your concentration on the words in the books. I get like that too when I’m reading books and text on a computer screen or watching TV with the lights out. Hopefully this answers your question a little :tongue:

That happened to my friend while high on pot. He said “the world was zooming away like when you look through binoculars backwards.”

He hadn’t eaten anything all day (it was 4pm) and it was like 95 degrees out and we were out in the sun.

sometimes when you have a fever you get this feeling, i know i got it as a child just before getting ill. delerium?
now i can have it when i listen to music, when i go to bed. its easier if you are tired. on time i laid in a bed with a friend and discussing, my eyes closed. and suddenly i feel how the rooms getting bigger, or me smaller. after a while it felt like my friend was far away (still with my eyes closed) and i told her how i felt…she thought i was crazy : )
when i opened my eyes all seemed much closer but still not as close at all as it was in “reality”.
but one thing i know is that you get a feeling of things/yourself getting bigger/smaller when you have a fever.


Hey, I know exactly what you mean,
i experience this feeling every day when i do meditation. i focus on a candle and ten to twenty minutes later i get that strage kind of viewing. if i continue staring at that spot i feel as if the interior of my head is turning. funny feeling. i like it.

hope that helped a little :smile:

Yes, this has also happened to me before. There is a reality check program that has a way to induce this sort of feeling. You just watch the symbol as it goes back and forth with letters going all over the screen. I can’t remember where I found it, but I’ll post if I remember!

Found it. Called “Lucid Dreamer Assistant”


Just look for the one called OBE-ish feeling on the menu when you start it up.

I’m not sure what kind of experience you guys are describing, but I see a lot of similarity with what I run into sometimes while relaxing. I’ve found Robert’s description of it to fit my condition perfectly, but everyone’s different. Hopfully this will help some of you out. I hope to be able to ride with it and see what happens.

This happened to me last night while using hemi-sync (4th time), quoted from my other dream journal:
It happened while I was just resting normally not focusing on the darkness of my eyes (opposed to my earlier attempts to duplicate this) near the end of the exercise. The focus of my eyes, almost instantly, flew upward through the darkness and the darkness began to expand uncontrollably into a dome (Robert said like head in a dark box) and it kept coming closer to my face. I was feeling a little SP’ish’ so I kept moving my index finger to check. I couldn’t wait for the exercise to end, and then I was able to see my room out of proportion, which wore off faster than usual. It wasn’t as disturbing as before but maybe next time it happens I’ll force myself to stay with it and see what happens.

A while back, quoted from dream journal:
I close my eyes and sometimes (like last night) I begin to focus far off into the darkness of my eyelids and it turns into this wide perspective, my aspect ratio of size in reality becomes messed up a bit, the darkness starts to move in on me coming closer and closer to my face, and I begin to notice this strange feeling of objects, weight. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I fear it and most of all find it disturbing…The part that irritates me is it doesn’t go away when I move or open my eyes. My room looks normal, but since the aspect ratio thing is off, my perspective on things is…different

strifer42 the site doesn’t seem to work to download it, but I found it here:
consciousdreaming.com/lucid- … istant.exe
I tried the OBE-thing and its really strange seeing that x moving down even though it isn’t.


Wow! it was really weird reading your description of your experience. The same exact thing used to happen when I was young (during reading too!).I’ve never heard anyone mention it before, till now.

Another thing that used to happen when I was younger was that all of sudden everything would look miniature (hobbit sized) and real rickety. One time this happened when I sitting in my car looking out at traffic, all the cars looked like rickety hotwheels. Totally freaked me out! Has this happened to anybody else?

thanks for all the replies… for some reason i wasnt notified that there were any. :eh:

i’ll have a look at that program…

I tried the program, but it didn’t do it for me. Maybe it just doesn’t work, maybe I should have looked at it for longer… I don’t know.
I might give it another try later on.

Has anybody else tried it? Did it work for you?


I’ve had this before. Not for a while though.

I used to get it when I was a teenager (I’m 24 now by the way), whilst watching TV in bed in the dark.

The way I can best describe it for me, was that nothing actually appeared to change size in terms of how it looked within my visual field, but I had the strong feeling that I was much further away from the telly than I actually was, and so therefore the telly was really big like a big cinema screen and I was on the back row.

Actually, come to think of it, about a year or so ago I remember I went through a phase of having this feeling after having been at the computer for a long period of time. I was having a sensation that I was floating above, even though I was still seeing everything from the same position. Illogical I know, but that’s how it seamed.


I have this too, quite regularly.
When I was a kid these feelings sometimes grew so strong I was totally disorientated.
If I simply ignore it, the expansion/compression impressions and feelings disappear, but when I really concentrate on them, I can strengthen them. It feels like I’m swirling deeper and deeper into some vortex. Very hard to describe…
It’s the first time I hear about this phenomenon from anyone else. I thought it was just my imagination :smile:

Well Fabi, I looked at it for a few minutes the first time and it worked, but when I tried it some time later, it didn’t work.

too bad no one has come across a book or web-site that mentions anything about this… i think it’s really weird. :eh: :wiske:

Hi Fabi, yes i know exactly what you mean…

I have this often under different circumstances…
I have this while i do anything that is related to a trance!
That means hypnosis and self hypnosis to…
Meditation somtimes ( only with trance meditation)
Also with cannabis…and focusing at one point…

When you look at a hypnotic spiral you have the same…
It has to do with theta waves and your thalamus…
Thetha waves have in the brain a strong conection with dmt, wich yogi’s have also higer levels of then average ppl.
Dmt is a neurotransmitter made by the pineal gland.
It means u can very good focus your attention at what you are doing and forget the rest around you. (if it is within your interest)
Your thalamus has also a role in it because thats the brain part that selects
to block normal input when you focus your attention at one thing of interest.
It means Fabi you have a talent for trance induction :smile:

So be carefull with drugs then…maybe they work a bit stronger for you…not all sorts but maybe some will :smile:


So Fabi when you have this your in a light to medium trance…
Probably a light trance…how ever i cant fill that one in for you :smile:
(More theta waves at those moments then normal while awake)


Yes Firehorse…i have that to sometimes and also when i bike and I look at the moving pavement under my wheels go by…then i get that to…
Looking at movement from one spot can induce a light hypnotic trance :smile: