the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic III

You can find almost everyone’s age here-

Congratulations on your new recall record! :alien:

Agh. Didn’t find this till’ it was too late. Oh well. Hiya.

Hi Arono,

Don’t feel bad, a lot of people don’t even stop in up here at all. Glad you’re here though, see ya around. :alien:

Hi. I’m new. ^^ I’m 19 years old, Dutch.

I’ve had weird dream/night experiences since I was little. It started when I had medication from a hospital operation (tongsels removed like a lot of kids). I started having nightly hallucinations shortly after, very likely because of the meds. My hallucination I called back then, I was about 4yrs, ‘seeing big and small’. Because all of the perspective and dimensions messed up, I usually felt incredibly small in a huge room…

I’ve always been good at remembering dreams, I usually remember 2 to 3 a night, although not always with the best detail. I’ve also been interested in dream interpretation and lucid dreams but never actively got into it before. I sometimes also have involuntary WILDs (although I’m not sure if that’s right… I just get pulled into a dream right from my waking state), and have had about 5 LDs I can remember, of which the longest probably took about 10 to 20 seconds. Others I had a lot of trouble maintaining - usually going back into the dream flow. I hope that with the help of this great site (why didn’t I discover it before?) and the forum I can expand my dreaming abilities and learn to dream lucid frequently. ^^

I also talk a lot. :content:

Ack, I shoulda checked here before posting that topic… :eek:

Welcome Ashvura,

A very interesting post, I’ve also had some of those “big and small” experiences (along with quite a few other people on this forum), I saw everything in a sort of rickety miniature, with all the cars looking like hotwheels, It was a total mind blower! Anyway, glad you’re here, it looks like you’ll add a lot to the forum. :alien:

Btw, here is a link to a discussion we had on the “big and small” thing. You might find it interesting.

Hey Luminar,

Welcome to the forum! :tongue:

Thanks. ^^ And thanks for the link. I encountered the following post:

That’s pretty much exactly it. I experienced it as hallucinations and extreme panic during the night. I didn’t sleep with the lights off for a long, long time - until I was 13 or 14, even. I had no idea it happened to more people. That makes it less frightening, heh. But even when I try to regain that ‘big and small’ sense, it scares me. :\

The strange thing is, there was a time I had been experimenting with OBE’s. I never succeeded because I kept having the feeling I was choking and the concentrating on my breathing caused me to be tense. Anyway… at one point when trying OBE, you do get this sense of… perspective expanding. It’s like space is all around you. It usually happens when you focus on the area between your eyes for a long time - that’s probably also why reading induces that feeling.

Boy… I’m ranting again in the inappropriate topic. Sorry. ^^ I just find it really interesting :happy:

I’m interested in experiencing a lucid dream without waking up with excitement :eek: I’ ve never enjoyed one for longer than a few seconds after becoming lucid.
I tried spinning but felt like I was knocking my fingertips on something , thought I had woken up but had just gone into a dream about waking :blush:

Hey everybody, I am new to these forums. I am a newbie at lucid dreams. I’ve had 2 intentional ones in the last 2 weeks and hope to keep getting better. Hope to see you guys around here :cool_laugh:.

Hey BuLLeT-Pr00f, moogle, Ashvura, TechnoDreamer…

Don’t worry you guys will get better at it… LDing for most people needs a little practice and patience. At first I thought I was stuck, then I had the best LD I’ve ever had. It just keeps getting better and better over time. It’s sort of like a long term investment that matures over time. Well, I’ll stop ranting now and let Firehorse, Jack, and DM7 (whoever makes it here first mwah mwah) do their jobs. And FireHorse, as a special request, please rhyme all the welcomes you can :grin: that’s a great idea hehehehe

Thanks! Yea, sometimes I can get a bit frusterated. But I’m gonna keep trying and I know eventually I will have more success like you guys :wink:.

Hi moogle,
There are a lot of tips around the forum designed to prevent premature awaking, I usually just look at my hands, simple but effective. Even if nothing works well, your control will improve over time regardless. Good luck! :alien:

Hey BuLLeT-PrOOf,
Welcome and I hope to see ya around too! :tongue:


Even though, I can’t do
Exactly what you asked me to

I have something else in mind
Since you’ve been so very kind

So, keep your eyes peeled, and you will see
something appearing soon, for you, from me :wink:

ever considered becoming a poet?
… or a rap artist? :cool:

By the way I love the link to the site from emails , it really makes life simple.
Thanks for the encouragement infectionO I read somewhere on this site that staying calm after realising ld is the key. So I might try deep breathing as in relaxation techiques and maybe shutting my eyes for a moment? What do you guys think?
Hello Firehorse hope you give me lots of advice in the future.
Hi Ashuura (hope I spelt it right) you seem to be way ahead of me. I don’t think I’ll ever get a wild. :sad:
Hello BuLLeT-PrOOf and Luminar we seem to be at nearly the same level it will be fun to see how we get on and share our news :smile:
Well I’ll go and visit another page I may see you there.

[b][color=blue]hello! :wiske:

im new here too. im je4ssica, age 17…hobart, tasmania, australia. ive only had one lucid dream so far but it was so fun!! i hovered for a bit, then i stood in front of a mirror and changed what i was wearing with my mind. i managed to try on lotsa cool stuff that way!

anyways hope to see y’all about the place…
hugs, PhUNGuS :alien: [/color][/b]

Hi phungus :smile:
you’ll find this site is really friendly and helpful. I’m impressed you’ve managed to hover. Have you tried to fly yet?

Hello all. Welcome to my first post!
I started having brief lucid dreaming experiences a couple of years ago, and not knowing what the heck it was. Most of the dreams were heavy on hynogogic imagery, like I’m just wandering around inside my mind taking in the show; a little scary when you don’t know it’s a common experience for many. Most of the time these were WILDS and were very brief. During one, I materialized in a room where there was a table in front of me, and sitting on the table was a vase of flowers. It was very clear, and I stared in fascination at this very vivid image, aware that it was a deam scene. This was a brief dream, but when I awoke, I shot out of bed with an incredible enthusiasm, straight to my computer to Google for some answers!! That day I discovered all about Lucid Dreaming, common experieces, some Web sites with enthusiasts, etc.

Once I knew about other’s experiences by reading many descriptions of lucid dreams, my own LDs began to mirror those experiences to include flying, the appearance of DCs, my first MILD, etc. I think it can’t be stated enough that a lot of what shapes your LDs is your expectations.
I’ve been lurking around here for a while and am amazed many of you are so young. I’m 47. I wish I had discovered LD when I was 14!

Hugs to you too phungus, and welcome to the forum! :alien:

Hey Artie J,

With the new age extension tweaks being developed by the genetisists, at 47 you will soon be considered only a tadpole. Just think, another 140 years of LDing! (if you can afford the tweaks). Glad you’re here. :tongue:

Well, at 140 years, surely I can find a monthly plan I can afford! :grin:

:beer: Hello I’m glad I’m not the only one over 40. I’m 46. Welcome to the forum. I wonder if there are any more of us here?