Everything that occurs in a dream seemed to happen twice

Something strange I noticed many times as I recall my dreams.
I have a pretty good dream recall and as I tell myself the story I notice something strange happening again and again.
Many times dream events seem to have happened twice.
How to explain this?

As I tell myself the story it seems as if it happened twice.
That’s one thing but last night it was different, more concrete.
Before I just have the feeling something happens twice but today I actually remember the dream-me remembering the event

For instance, I was in this fabric shop with a real nice and handsome seller that shows me some gorgeous fabrics and flirts with me. But I remember in the dream having been there before having the same thing happened only being more impressed with the charm of the sales guy.

Am I making any sense at all? Sorry it is really hard to explain.
Maybe it is really common and happens to everybody. It’s my first time in a community with people that are into dreams so hope you excuse a newbie for beating up an old bush. :smile:

My first thought was - everytime you get this feeling / deja vu you should do a reality check. :spinning:

Popular ones are

  • looking at text / the time, looking away and then checking the text / time again. Is it unstable?
  • blocking nose with hand - can you still breathe?
  • trying to poke index finger into palm (I love this one)

Observing and expecting something uusual to appear will also work.

As for it happening, I suspect there is something in the scene your subconscious wants you to ‘act on’ or it’s just ensuring a particular memory from the day is processed properly?

Are you suggesting that it could be used to get lucid?
I think I forgot to mention that after I wake up it seemed like this, - whatever, happened twice.

In the dream I am usually not aware of this except for last night but that was more as if the dream me had a memory which I can’t seemed to remember having had before.

I can’t get my head around it. It’s like having double vision.
thank you for the thought.


It’s a matter of becoming aware that it could be a dream whenever you get the memory / impression that it has happened before.