Evil family members

In many of my dreams, my family members are unfair, crazy, or just plain evil. Especially my mother and oldest brother can appear as characters that could have been taken out of horror stories. They aren’t like that in real life…my mother would do anything for her children and my brother is one of the craziest animal lovers i know. It is almost embarrassing to post these dreams. For example, my mother was a racist, pro capital punishment right wing supporter in last night’s dream!

I have noticed this theme in other DJs here on LD4all too. What do you think triggers these dreams? Does the subconscious simply pick the persons we know the best, also to create characters for bad dreams? It adds extra terror when it is your own brother that kicks open the door with madness glowing from his eyes…

Not so often now (in fact never :tongue:), I used to dream that my brother betrays me and will turn evil, but thats not how he is :no: it has made me more alert and vigilant though, he may be different, but he is and always will be my brother :cool:

I never remembered having such dreams, but out of nowhere I had a nightmare like that just last week, in which I got banned from home by my father (I don’t even live with my family in RL anymore, lol). It really screwed up my good mood, but I’m glad to hear more people have that type of dreams. :tongue:

I don’t really have bad dreams or nightmares very often anymore, but I have had some dreams in the past few months where my family members have acted very strangely. Not necessarily evil or unkind or anything, just very different. Either that or just there, not acting in any way in particular.

Yep, had them since I was little and still have them. It’s almost always my mom, but I thought it was because of the rocky relationship we have sometimes and negative views I have of her sometimes. I had assumed that most people didn’t have a problem with evil parents or other family members in dreams, though. Interesting to see that others have such dreams sometimes.

My family acts pecuilar in my dreams but not very evil :sad: Once my sister got an evil look in her eye when I woke up from a LD but thats the most terrible it’s gotten.

I don’t have this happen to me in them being bad, but it seems that often when something bad happens one of my parents, often my dad, will just be there. Not in a supportive role or anything, just there. I don’t dream about my brothe much. I think it is because he annoys me so much in RL. Why would I want to be around him more than nesessary? Haha he showed up during a LD I had a few days ago while I was looking at books and I made him disappear haha :tongue:

When I was a kid I used to have a dream of my brother being like a giant and used to terrorize me, it was weird and it was scary.

I also had a dream recently where my brother got pissed about something and he had some kind of monster hidden in the closet and the monster broke loose and destroyed the whole house.

I’m the older brother haha which is weird :confused:

Haha, last night after I read this topic I had a dream about like all of my family being mean (some cousins, aunts, and grandparents too) and me having to take care of the babies and do everything. They were busy preparing for a wedding I think.

Odd, even though I can’t remember any of my family members being evil in dreams, I thought it was common. Barely any people I know in WL show up in my dreams anyway. Even when they are there they don’t do much. The closest to being evil any family member has ever been in a dream was when I was little, probably 3 or 4, my sister was making me bacon and eggs. They formed a face of the frying pan and chased me. D=


I’m new to this forum but the post of evil family members looks to me like the dreamer is using the image of a family member to carry things about themselves their own subconscious wants to make them aware off.

While I have not done any LD I have used meditation for many years and this is a kind of trick or mirror the subconscious can use to bring stuff to your conscious attention.



These dream characters seem to act out what scares or angers me the most, with the occasional nasty surprise. Maybe I have been subconsciously scared of the things they do in the unexpected dreams…but I still don’t fully know why it has to be dear family members.

Welcome to LD4all by the way! :cool:

Your subconscious uses the IMAGES of the members of your family because those are the IMAGES it knows. Note it is the IMAGE of a family member that is used. Your subconscious does not control the actions of your family in the external, real world. So as far as your subconscious knows your mother is The Mother,a goddess, soul of the world etc. I am suggesting that you look for the symbolism involved so your brother would be your dark side, not your real flesh and bone sibling. Hope this helps.

We get it, we get it, but we’re just saying what we ourselves have observed. You’re welcome to your own opinions, but as Siiw said, they do tend to act out my deep fears and such. My subconscious has used many images that I do not know to scare me or communicate with me without the help of my family. For example: when I was little, I used to have a lot of nightmares with these jellies and worm/snake things. I do not recall seeing anything like them in my past, before or after the nightmares. When I summoned my subconscious in my dreams (twice), he did not appear necessarily as something I would recognize (other than a nicely dressed young guy who I really have no one to compare to IRL). Through the last few years my mother has been causing problems in dreams on the occasion, but a lot of times that was because I have some anger and fear issues towards her. My SC seemed to take those images pretty literally. It can be different for each person.

All in all, it’s an interesting thought. However, it feels like you’re trying to push the point as if it applies exactly to everyone, and not all of us are comfortable with that (at least I’m not). It’s not that I don’t value what you have to say; it just doesn’t feel quite right for me.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! :spinning:

ZRVera has a point. Each of us feels differently and has a certain opinion towards these kinds of dreams. Personally I don’t have them very frequent, and I’m in perfect terms with my family, so I don’t really care much about these dreams. I must admit, its a very strange phenomenom though.

… I’ve never noticed this in my dreams. Maybe I trust my family. It’s probably just the magic shield that protects me from nightmares. :tongue:

I’ve acted strangely in dreams. Usually the way I want to act though. :neutral:

I get this all the time as well. Dreams were my parents, mostly, turn out to be murderers or transform into vampires or things like that. I thought it was due to WL issues, but well, there could be several reasons to that, I suppose…
It’s interesting to see that that those dreams seem to be fairly common…

Once in a dream my parents were acting really strange and if I disobied them they turned into monsters, but then I realized it was a dream and I guess they slowly turned normal after that.

One of my most memorable dreams from when I was a kid was a dream where my parents and I were walking and they kept walking and telling me to stay and that they were abandoning me…the opposite of how they are and it felt really weird.

I think sometimes our dreams like to show us our fears or exaggerate our feelings. So for me sometimes I’m -very- overprotective of my family in my dreams. I don’t fear for them but I do anything to protect them but in such a crazy strong feeling manner that it keeps making me feel like I’d jump in front of a bus for them even if there was no bus coming, kinda thing. I don’t dream about my family much, though. And I’ve never dreamed of anyone I know being evil. But that’s just me and my stuffed up mind saying stuff like “oh you don’t fear people but you fear all this crap in your dreams” and stuff… I don’t know but maybe people fear other sides of their family or their family becoming these bad ways and stuff. OR because you love them so much your dreams are using them to get your attention to show you something important.
Dreams are crazy :razz: