Evil SC's

So what i’ve seen from some of my threads and others is that SC are mean a lot so i was wondering if I could some how find and fight/imprison/reason with or kill? ( :grin: ) if so what would be the best way to deal with my SC tricking me?

,W!zzFx LD

Well, if you believe that DC’s are you’re SC and they are mean when you meet them, what does that say about yourself? That’s one way I look at it. If I run into a DC that has qualities I don’t like, I think if any of those qualities apply to me and work on changing them in RL.

Don’t get the wrong impression though, DC are much like people. They can range from extremely nice to extremely mean. How would you treat someone you don’t like in RL?

I have wondered quite a bit about how to deal with attacks from DC’s in my nightmares. Right now I have refused to return any violence, seeing if there’s anyway to overwhelm them with compassion, haha. So far, I can barely overcome the fear in that situation and usually wake up.

Personally I don’t believe in the SC as being someone else, someone (as you say) evil, someone you can communicate with or meet. I treat it as a whole thing and I believe it to be a part of ourselves (so it is) which we can’t control yet and we need to learn how to do that. I don’t know that either, but try to think that you’re the boss and that no SC can stand in your way in YOUR dreams (LDs).

Treat it like an inferior to you if it’ll ever try to get you in some trouble and demand what you want from it ! Remember, you’re the boss ! :wink:

All that comes to the surface and becomes conscious, comes right from the unconscious. Your brain starts the process of moving your arm before you decide to move it. If the subconscious bullies you, it is bullying itself. Likewise, you are bullying yourself. Perhaps consider the ancient question “why are you hitting yourself?” over and over.

I like the “Why are you hitting yourself?” analogy. Very understandable explanation.