Excellent Song for GOing to sleep to

The song is called “walking in the air”. its really relaxing. Its in 2 forms, piano and vocal, i would download (or buy if you are like…moral and stuff) both versions and use which you like best. Search in kazaa (or any downloading program) for George Winston or just “walking in the air”. Its awsome, please post some feedback. thanks, Ben

lol the piano version of the song reminds me of that music in the background of the game “The Sims” when your creating stuff in it :razz:

Do you mean the song from the Snowman?

Thats the one slick. :wink:

If u liked George Winston-Walking in the air,
try Chopin:Revolutionary Etude

Speaking of good music… Infected Mushroom rocks! Go buy their new cd.

Another good song to relax to would be Gravity Of Love by Enigma, also there is Sweet Lulaby by Deep Forest (I think Deep Forest).

Check out a group called “Sigur Ros” if you haven’t yet. :confused:

Try psychedelic ambient: it’s psychedelic and it’s véry relaxing. Much songs are 10-20 minutes long, filled with beautiful dreamy soundscapes so you can relax totally. What else do you need? :wink:
Best track: Solar Quest - Trisine
Also everything from Ishq, Mystical Sun, Tuu and Shpongle

OMG that’s the saddest movie ever, I get teary just thinking about it. I have this song on an mp3 and I agree its relaxing but it reminds me too much of that sad movie!

The snowman? This wonderful cartoon, with the boy who gets friends with a snowman?

I love this one so much. I saw it as a little kid, and I have strong emotions connected to it.
After many years I was at my fathers house, and he got this song on cassette from his piano-teacher.
He didn´t tell me about it, just played the music.It was really like a shock when I heared the music again, but a very pleasant one.I instantly felt such a surreal feeling, together with emotions from my childhood…
Strange mix of joy and feeling of being secure in the warm house with my parents, while it is winter outside, and the melancholy of the film.

I really got to get me a copy of the film, I´d love to see it again.


I just finished downloading it. It sounds good. Sometimes I like to listen to relaxing music when I go to sleep. I usually listen to those Chinese bamboo flute meditation music or something. I borrowed my mom’s Enya CD and I also found it to be relaxing.

oh snowman! i love it, i see it every christmas on tv, it’s beautiful… and the song is too… nice :content:

kazaa? :cool_laugh:

you do realise that has spyware don’t you?

Yeah, KaZaA is full of spy and adware. But there is a program called KaZaA lite, it’s just like kazaa sept’ without all that nasty stuff.

Hail Kazaa Lite!
I’m searching walking in the Air. I love the song and the Snowman. Pity my cassette got busted

Claudia guess youre from Finland? As that animation is shown here every christmas. But i wanna reserve that song only for christmas so it wont lose its magic. :smile:

And when youre looking for that song, you might as well get “King Crimson - Walking On Air” too. Its very relaxing and wonderful song as well.

yall talkin bout Frosty the Snowman? the snowman with the magic hat and then he melts at the end?

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

i find that a nice thing to try ot use for meditation, sleep etc.

For those uk people its the theme use on the VW Deisel advert. :wink:

interesting… every Christmas there’s an ad here for stamps and… letters and stuff with that song…