Excellent way to prelong Lucid dreams/Thing to try out

I’ve had alot of problems with staying in my lucid dreams, but i think i have found a very fun, invigorating way to make your lucid dreams last alot longer, here are some facts.

I’ve tested this with 8 of my friends, all of which lucid dream and are passionate about it, like me, so theres no lying here.

1/8 who used this there LD lasted for about 60% longer
1/8 used this lasted only slightly longer (20%).

and 6/8 who used this there LDs lasted almost 90% longer!

We only managed to get good results once, so these statistics might change a little, but i think it could be one of the best.

Ok now here’s what you do. May sound a little cheesy, and also like its been used before but i tell you, it works, but i don’t know why. And its proven incredibly effective.

basically, “power-up” like in dragonball z shouting some of you may not even know what it is, so heres a quick video demonstration on what and how to (its from the show, only way i can show you)

youtube.com/watch?v=dl3BwFGI … re=related

Basically, trying something around 00:45 would be best. Shout whatever you want, “increase lucidity” “lucidity times 1000!” or simply scream =]

So instead of the just boring old shouting, try this.

I’ve found that it takes no lucid experience to “power-up” and is a magnificent feeling, its hard to describe but its amazing what the mind can do.

That sounds very interesting. Doing a DBZ powerup is actually on my list of things to do :smile:
I guess instead of powering up your ki like in DBZ, you’ll be powering up your ‘li’ (lucidity). This’ll be the first thing I do in my next LD :content:

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this idea. :smile:

I sure gonna test this the next time I become lucid!

Thats cool! I will definately try it next time… along with a kamehameha :razz:

youtube.com/watch?v=N5Pje4YI … re=related

I had a LD last night, and I’ve tried this way to prelong the dream. I shouted to myself “stay lucid!” or just shout “lucid!” and imagine yourself being that DBZ character. I must say, this is a really good way to prelong the dream. After I shouted it a couple of times, there was a euphoric feeling all over my body. It felt very good and it really helped me staying lucid!

There was a funny moment after I shouted it the first time. It was very loud and I really thought if the people outside the dream would’ve heard me screaming. Maybe that’s also an other conclusion that the lucidity increased. I could really think between both worlds, like “hey I am really dreaming now” and the “real world”.

And, also very important; it was an awesome LD!

:happy: I’m glad i could help

Sounds cool. I’m still trying to instal the Flash Player thing here so I can watch the video (just formated! :rofl:)

Anyway, I’ve just noticed recently how good the “increase lucidity!” thing is… So I guess anything similar will work.

So I’ll try it in my next LD… that is, if I can get this damn flash thingy installed.

All of the other methods I have tried didn’t help…I’ll try this one and see if this will help.
I will tell you my results when I get an LD :smile:

haven’t had any LD’s lately =[ its annoying, i want to do it again so bad. makes you feel so powerful.