Exercise in dreams

My favorite LDs are when i find weights and trampolines. Usually i know its a dream because a 70 lb weight feels weightless and it is really fun! In one dream Jesus taught me martial arts and I’ve had monastary dreams and I love dreams where I can practice working out. do any of you exercise in dreams? Once someone said if you lift in a dream it will activate your body’s real muscles!


huh, i’ve never done that in a dream before but it is an interesting concept. Martial arts especially sounds fun! Maybe i’ll try that out next time im lucid ^^

I usually don’t work out in dreams. Probably because I usually don’t work out IWL either :shy: If I do any sports in dreams then it’s mostly swimming I guess, but not so much for the sake of exercise but rather to get somewhere.

I also heard that but I also read in a book that only very few muscles can be activated from inside the dream. So growing your muscles probably doesn’t work. What I believe does work however is practicing the general muscle control schemes and muscle memory. So if you have some sequence that you need to practice, dreams may help with that. You’re a gymnast, right? I think the coordination can benefit from practicing your moves inside the dream. Your strength, stamina and supplement cannot, however. Disclaimer: This is not backed up by scientific knowledge. I’m only assuming things here.

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Yes, doing it in a dream before doing it in real life prepares me. I did many back tucks in dreams before doing it in real life. When I go to do it in real life I remember how it felt when I did it in a dream.

Back to this. In my original post I lifted 70 lb in LDs and now I can in real life I can press 70 above my head with one arm. Yay! Lol