Experience with remote viewing

last night made an attempt to start traing myself to reomote view (if anyone knows of a site tha can give me step by step instructions on how to do it, it would be most appreciated). i went out on porch, this was about 11:03. i sat there and allowed my mind to empty. then i started focusing a target, a person i knew whom i had met over msn. started to see images not unlike the HI produced by WILD. after a while i stopped. when went back inside noticed the clock which read 11:07. i was amazed at this cuz it felt like i had been out on my porch for at least 20m minutes. i have heard the theory that remote viewing allows u to see past events, but how does that fit in to my experience?

any thoughts?

In 4 minutes you cleared your mind and then saw HI?

you can find LST using Astronomer’s Digital Clock, which is freeware
also atomtime is good software to adjust pc time

You seem to have had a similar experience as me, Mine started similar to HI too and also was a short experience that seemed longer than it was.

I would say it doesn’t. All you saw was HI from what you said, the fact that you did something in 4mins and it felt like 20 doesn’t really say anything about past events. Just that your sense of time was messed up.

As for info on how to remote view google is a great resource for such things.

hey you all, I got really shakey just a little while ago, and so, I was just wondering hmm… is there a connection? Someon else I was talking to was the same way.

I fired up the Sidereal clock and it was 18:03, but the shakes had passed, they must have occured from like 17:45-18:00 somewhere around there…

and it says AC decreases arond ±1 hour of 18:00

so… is there some sort of connection? Or am I just tired and a bit cold, and coming down off a bit of sugar? it’s interesting.

I don’t understand exactly what they mean in “facing away” the Gravitational Center.
The center of the Milky Way is located at about 17° Sagittarius. Does it mean that at this time, it transits the meridian ?

I don’t understand that part either, thats why I put it in brackets: earth (your location on earth) faces relative to the gravitational (‘center’)

and I think they aren’t too sure either what it is that makes the two LSTs unique

Here is a site that gives you a download option to learn RV. It seems to present the information in an easy to learn format.
Most of the other sites i have researched seem to want to sell their RV classes or programs.
There is an interesting description of “Remote-Eye Projection” in a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce relating it to the mind split as part of a OBE. I am not sure if it is the same thing as Remote Viewing or not but based on his description i would guess the two are pretty similar.
Best RV to you.


I’ve heard many interviews with Major Ed Dames.

from the URL above you can find a link to a Kit that helps you to learn how to remote view, and many other helpful links, but here is the link to the kit:

I’d say go google for help. I also reccomend looking up www.theremoteviewingsite.com it’s got information on it that teaches you both about RV and it’s protocols and metholdologies.

For more of a scientific background in RV, and a historical bakground, check out Ingo Swann’s site www.biomindsuperpowers.com.

There’s a good ammount of information in books on the subject too, relating fom the objective to the subjective. Almost everyone who had at one time been in on the unit wrote a book at one point or another.

Lyn Buchanon
Joseph McMoneagle
Ed Dames
David Morehouse
Russel Targ/Hal Putchoff

These are just the ones that I"ve been able to track down and read the copies of…