Experiences with WILD...

Hi i’m new to lucid dreaming, I found out about it a few days ago but I am very in touch with my self and my mind, more so than anyone I no, and my whole life I have been realising i am dreaming, just never so strong to become lucid. So thats a background…

During school exams last year, (or that period), I began having really wierd sensations wen falling asleep, like being lost between day dreming and reality, and it would often end in me trying to lift my head, but I cannot move, and voices are shouting loudly in my head, and slowly I gain control of my muscles, and suddenly snap back up to find everything is normal and there is know one shouting. ANYWAY it seems that this is a good start to becoming lucid???

Ok sorry this is a jumbled post but back to the topic, the other night I thought id try WILD, so I woke up at 2 o clock (I often do anyway) then went back to sleep trying to keep things logical, and I was seeing things that you see when going to sleep, then the sounds came, but I think normally I would go to sleep around that time, because the voices got really really loud, so loud it was freaky, so I let go of it, relaxed and went to sleep… Now from what ive been reading it seems if I had waited a few more seconds I would have been in rem.

Do you think this is correct?

Any advice is welcome

Wild can be like that. Don’t get freaked out by the sounds. Just go with it. relax and stay conscious. in time you’ll enter a dream.

Yeah. Those voices are simple a hallucinations. There’s no point of being afraid of them. Paralysis is also a sign of WILD, nothing to be afraid of, so thing that happened last year was unintentional WILD. Keep trying, you are doing in right direction. :spinning: