I need to do one for one of my classes at school. What I was think of was how to get a better night’s sleep, get more energized in the morning, or if its possible to control you sleep cycle. Note that it’s not due till May 2008. I would be gladly to accept any other ideas you could give me. Much appreciated.

Does it have to be sleep related, or can it be any sort of experiment? I might have some ideas.

hmm… I think it has to be science related

Well, I kinda figured that :tongue:

I recommend doing something related to learning or how the brain learns. It’s something that teachers love, and I’ve managed to place in several science fairs with learning-related experiments. However, you should pick a topic you know a lot about already and just try and find a new fact in that field. Do you have any more specific ideas concerning sleep?

Actually it could be any kind of experiment, I don’t know a lot in the sleep field though. But I would love to learn more about it.

Do an experiment on the relationship between meditation and sleep. I would think, the more you meditate and the deeper you meditate, the less sleep one would need. Ram Dass describes in Be Here Now that Bhagavan Das would go to sleep at night, and every time Ram Dass would awaken, he would find Bhagavan in a state of meditation. All throughout the night, he would just meditate, no sleep. This is apparently very common among eastern mystics.

There are many interesting things about sleep, even more about dreams. Linked with the above post, there is still research being done about the function of sleep and dreams, and one of the most likely answers is that it’s a way to “reorganize” the mind after a day, for example cleaning up the useless stuff and storing what’s useful and/or learned.

I say run a generic search, you’ll find something worth experimenting with.