Experimenting my new technique !

Hi everyone !

First of all, I wanted to tell how glad I am LD4all is still there ! Yes I know, I’m a bit late but I used to go on the french forum since I live in france and when it was taken down I didn’t know the international version was still there (actually, that it even existed…). Anyway now here I am, enjoying that special atmosphere the forum has to offer !

I’m here today to introduce you to a method I’ve been working out lately. It looks like a DEILD but has more of a “morning dizziness idea”. Let me explain:

Basically, you would wake up dizzy, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Because of that dizzy effect, your hypnagogic hallucinations should be extremely vivid and stable (you wouldn’t wake up by focusing too much). Then, simply observe them untill you are being dragged right into the dream, consciously.

I know “my method” is a fine word since it is based on a WILD approach.
Now I have a question : does anyone know anything about waking up dizzy during the night ? How could you cause it ? When would be the best time to wake up ?
According to my research, waking up during REM state should have a link.

What’s your opinion on that ?
Thanks for reading !

Have you tried this while dizzy?

I personally can’t see how dizzyness could help with vividness … having experienced bad vertigo in the past. (on moving my head)

I can’t recall waking up dizzy, but I can see how this could work. Having that slight spinning/waving (especially waving) feeling seems to make it easier for me to fall asleep. Perhaps it’s just something to distract you from being awake.

Moogle, yes I have already tried this while dizzy
mr_Block, try to WILD next time you feel it :smile: