explaination please...

I am new here and need some explanations :smile:

Can anyone tell me what these words mean?


when i wake up in the morning I usally just remember about 3 scenarios about 3 seconds each… is this right or are u suppose to rember more or longer dreams…

and any tips special tips for a beginner? I´ve started to do reality checks but I´ll guess theres more to it… I know it´s about know your dreaming and.

and how long does a lucid dream usally last?

and one last quqestion.

do you builid your own world in a lucid dream or can you jsut change it as it comes? i mean if a for an example wanna kick my friens ass, but he´s not in my dream, can i make him apear or do i have to wait til I see him in my dream??

and sorry for my bad english…

thanks thats all for today :happy:

Someone tell me where that nice extended dictionary is.

Look around…

To summon objects in a dream…
perhaps this will help?

if you let your mouse hover over those terms an explanation will pop up, and there’s a sticky topic on the Lucidity Intro board that answers these questions for newbies, here’s a link


i would think it’d be more helpful to remember a more substantial portion of your dreams, but it’s a start, keep at it

be patient, don’t force it… we’re all different, but i think it’s safe to say for the most of us who aren’t natural LDers, it takes time to develop the skill

depends on how good you are at staying in the dream and staying relaxed (getting over-excited is a sure way to wake up) my first LDs lasted like 3 seconds cause i got so excited that i finally realized i was dreaming… my longest LD was probably 10 minutes, but i’ve read people’s accounts that lasted much longer


it’s cool, next time look around on the forum a lil bit, lots of these questions have already been answered. welcome to the forum and good luck with lucid dreaming :yinyang:

My Ld’s normally last from about 10 minutes on up. I’d say the average LD for me would be about 20 - 30 minutes but with WILD I can really get up there in lenth

there is definitely more to it than reality checks, but that’s always a good start. my tip would be to put some research into those three terms you asked explanation for… those are all widely used techniques that bring success to the majority of lucid dreamers out there. check them out as soon as possible.

for me lucid dreams run on average of 10-20 minutes i guess, but sometimes i can really get up there if i stabilize myself well in the dream.

and, about what you can do in lucid dreams… anything! you can kick your friends *** if you want (although i don’t know why you would do that to a friend…), and you can alter the dream world. but, you see… it comes with practice, it’s often difficult to get things to work right for you in a dream. mainly because dreams are so unstable and things can change with one look away and back… but also because it’s hard to convince yourself of your new found power and dominance of the world your in. good luck, just work with it.