Exploding head syndrome when trying to get a WILD

I haven’t had many lucid dreams yet, neither were all of them completely lucid, but I’ve had most success with WILD. It’s still hard to do, but it can work. Now the easiest time for me to successfully have a WILD is if something wakes me up just slightly (not an alarm), where I can fall back asleep within seconds. But what often happens in this situation, if I try to fall asleep again, I hear an extremely high pitched noise (I’m guessing its this) which is actually so loud that it hurts. It’s kind of interesting, that the sound gets louder and louder the closer I am to return to sleep. But if I decide to get awake, it goes away.

I can hold on and go through that pain, but what I’m afraid of is, could this be damaging in some way? It’s actually kind of interesting to go through that and observe that noise, but experiencing pain usually means you shouldn’t do the things that cause it. So, is this harmless?

sounds scary and annoying! i dont do WILD anymore because i am scared of the SP, if you dont like the sounds, you can better use the FILD, MILD, DILD, or reality checks method. i use the RC method the most, and writing in your DJ really helps me to get LD 's. also reading about LD 's is really helpful!!