Exploring your Subconscious mind

:wave: Hey i am new here trying LDing since 3 months ago
Had 3 LDs only but they were very vivid and real once i lucid in dreams my big goal is to interact with all of my aspects ( Subconscious mind,Unconscious mind, Superconscious mind and my innerself ) there are lot things i want to do in Lucid dreams have you ever interact with your aspects or have you ever questioned very difficult questions to your subconscious mind or have you ever applied any affirmation or what you want to put in your mind what they worked in real life ???

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Hey welcome to LD4all, Sam

Previously I thought of lucid dreams as opportunities to enjoy myself more than anything. But recently I’ve got into dreaming a bit more again but with goals similar to yours. Using dreams to explore yourself is a unique approach hardly available through other means. I still lack the lucid dreams recently though to report how the journey unfolds for me. But let me wish you good luck on yours. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks @Marvin yeah It only happened to me once that I talked to my Subconscious mind in my lucid dream i shouted to sky hey subconscious, come in front of me, then I looked behind me with the expectation that the Subconscious is behind me, I saw my brother was there, I asked him what is your name, he did not answer, then I asked, are you my Subconscious, he said yes but then i woke up very quickly

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Welcome to the forum @Sam !
I see your posts and you seem really passionate. My advice would be to hold onto that passion because it will take you far.
Your post here spoke to my passion for my dreams :purple_heart: I interact with my subconscious in my dreams; she takes the form of a DC. I sometimes ask her questions, but she rarely gives me a straightforward answer. She prefers to answer through symbols and metaphors. I think she likes me to figure it out instead of just telling me. Sometimes she teaches me things about my dreams, like different dream control and dream powers and stuff like that.

From reading a few of your posts I think you might get a lot out of Robert Waggoner’s work. I haven’t read his books but he was a guest on a podcast I listened to and I bet you would enjoy his perspective and insights on lucid dreaming.

So I had a lucid dream tonight and remembered my goal of getting in touch with my subconscious. I tried the “shout your questions at the sky“ method but only got a silent reply. I must say I wasn’t quite surprised. So I looked for a dream character that could be an incarnation of my SC. I saw two DCs sitting on a bench in a park and walked up to them. They just gave me this “hey I’m your subconscious“ kind of look that only a dream character can possibly give you :lol:

I asked them individually whether they were my subconscious and both replied yes, which seemed a bit silly to me because I only expected to have one SC :hmmm: Then I asked them individually for their names and they both gave me the same reply, David something. I felt like they were playing a prank on me and went on.

I guess I need to work on my own attitude here :tongue: These things I need to do better next time:

  • When talking to nobody in particular, don’t expect no response like I did.
  • Don’t let silly dream characters get off the hook too quickly. Each one probably has at least some connection to your SC.
  • Don’t expect the SC to only manifest as a single DC.

Hmm Thanks @Splash may be you like Dc in my dream I saw the subconscious subconscious just like my brother I love my brother friendly maybe that’s why the subconscious took the shape of my brother

:grinning: Congrats @Marvin for the victory yeah, dreams live up to expectations. We get what we expect. Sometimes when I get luicd in my dreams, Then I just think I don’t see anything scary but then I see such a scary scene that after then my mind changes from dreams. :blush:

I have a “subconscious guide” I’ve interacted with in my mind now and again while awake. I want to meet her in an LD someday; that’d be super cool!

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