While typically when I have Lucid dreams, I usually spend them kicking villian butt and flying.

Well I had 2 lucid dreams this morning, and I spent each one simply exploring the dream world and it’s amazing when you look at how much detail you can find within the dreamscape.
For example, in one dream i was walking down a street and I decided to go into one of the houses. Now this street, I had no idea which street it was and knew none of the houses, but when I entered it was full of detail, like there was children toys on the floor, pictures on the wall and even music coming from upstairs. I then went onto look at the detail of the wallpaper and the colours.

Have any of you simply explored your dreams rather than manipulate and change them?

I love exploring. In fact, I’m usually more interested in seeing what my mind comes up with rather than trying to mess with the dreamscape. The mind is amazing at simulating the real world. Really, we don’t give our own creative powers anywhere near enough credit.

That’s what one of my goals was back when I was at Dreamviews.

Agreed. There’s nothing that beats simply walking around admiring the work of your mind, it’s fascinating.

Oh i can’t wait til i master lucid dreaming!!! I’m so excited to go exploring!

I decided to simply try exploring last night because I figured I wouldn’t wake up as quickly if I didn’t try manipulating the dream too radically. It worked; I stayed in the dream for quite a long time, simply walking around and letting the environment set most of the rules the rules. I had to spin around a bunch of times and rub my hands together to keep the dream going as long as it did, but it was fairly easy to keep it stable. Usually if I try manipulating things too much, or get excited about something, the dream fades so quickly that the anchoring methods are useless. Maybe just exploring is actually a good place for beginners to start?

I did summon a DC to keep me company though. It was pretty fun having someone to walk with me through the dreamscape, almost like a dream guide of some sort. Do you guys go exploring alone or with your dream characters?

exploring is fantastic. i’ve had lucid moments that felt more realistic than real life.

I love exploring too! It never ceases to amaze me just how real the dream world is!

I’m always so goal oriented! So this is a good idea. I’m in the middle of my WBTB it’s almost 4 AM, woke up an hour ago just out of the blue with a splitting headache. Seeing it takes about an hour for the Tylenol to kick in I figured I’ll browse the forum. I’ll crawl back to bed in a bit with exploring on my mind. Hopefully it will get me lucid again.

Thanks altheman!
I did get lucid last night! Reading your post at 4 in the morning was a good thing to do, gave my mind a different angle I guess. I had a great LD, flew into space and saw stars, a sort of a milky way/nebula, and an asteroid belt.

i’ve always loved exploring, i do it in houston and dallas all the time, but normally when you go walking around in that area, bring a knife.
or a gun.
i like to just think up some place ive always wanted to go to, like the backroads of new york city, i hear their undergrounds are insane.
or some place out of a movie, or a video game.
or just some place out of your country, like florence, venice, greece, germany, etc.
or maybe a city you’ve created.