Have you ever been in your dream and realize your dreaming and decide to just explore such things such as houses or caves or more. You can find some cool and crazy things. The funnest thing is to go to the grocery store and eat and drink what ever you want.


endulge me dream walker, how ofen do u actally go lucid

yeah, i find that when i become lucid, after doing the regular magic tricks and flying, i usually explore the surroundings, i’ve gone though my house many times, and everytime the house is different, its amazing when your walking though some place you’ve never been and thinking “how is my mind coming up with all of this”

To endulge you Dream Scape I go lucid almost everynight. When you say magic tricks,what kinda tricks.

well if you go lucid every night why eat food?

it just seams like an experment you would try once not all the time thats all


Why only do it once you ask. Why not dream only once. I do it all the time because I love to do it,and I can actually taste everything I eat. I can eat and drink whatever I want whenever I want, never get full and enjoy every tasty bit. Ahh the wonders of the mind. :content:


but why eat and drink?, i mean i am not having a go at you for doing that it is ofcourse your dream, but have you ever thought about doing experments or researching or anything like that? or what about , seeint that you can go lucid everynight, have a fanasty that you dream about every night and just continue where you left off the night before???


I am curently on a quest sent on by my spirit guide called MASTER (he has a real name but I only know how to say, cant spell it). He puts me through multiple tests that makes my skills and myself better.When I first saw him I asked him my we dream and where do we go when we dream. I was told that if I pass his tests he will share all the secrets of the dream world with me. Its hard to exlain and I don’t if others do it also, but I can feel energy from people in my dreams. Most I don’y feel anything for,but others I can feel. From him I felt something I can’t put into words. He had so much energy so much knowledge. So I am trying to finish his tests so I can get the answers I seek.It will be a long and frustrating time, but the rewards will be well worth it.

Lol dreamwalker in my first lucid dream i was eating and drinking in a shop specialised in nice food and candy…wow did that tasted good… :smile:
That is now 18 years in the past…lol! 18 years ago i had my first lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is fun… :happy:


Dream Scape you seem to think that eating and drinking isnt any fun. Its a wonderful experience. Just wondering though…what kind of research and experiments have you done in your ld’s. I love hearing what people try to do because it gives me ideas for me to try. :wink:


i always play in my dreams with the shield of Captain America JO5h…
lol… :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile:

Well ehm…flying, walking over water playing with gravity…and other elements of nature…like lightning…walking through walls x-ray like…sex…eating and drinking…creating dream creatures…hypnosis and trance…visual creativity…exploring…trying out tech…etc


dreamwalker - if you tell me his name sounds like AKASHIC i will cry lol.

but seriously some good ideas there and food? i would never have done that.

must be great to be able to LD every night, i can’t even LD at will usually happens during a dream where i just realise i am dreaming.

well let me put it to you this way, i can eat and drink when i am awake, i can live out things i cant do in my lds

i know that things taste more intense in lds, but i just dont see te point

I think the point of eating and drinking in dreams is a.) it tastes good and b.) you don’t end up 50 pounds overweight…

Pinkster :lmao:

I eat in my dreams because it is fun and I can eat as much as I want and whatever I want whenever I want. Have you ever drank things, you can chug and chug and never get full all the while tasteing every bit. Try to get into a drinking contest with some one. You’ll beat them with the littlest of ease.It’s fun to watch the way they react. One of the funnest things is to go into a store and eat and eat right in front of the cashier and listen to what they say.

dreamwalker, how do you have LDs every night? Are you just naturally gifted or do you use some technique/method?