extended time without ld

i am typing on a wii- so no caps. i have not had an ld since the start of 2011. the few i did have in dec 2010 also were not vivid. my old techniques do not work anymore. i am looking for a way to have more. additionally, in the one dream from dec, all dream spinning did was callapse the dream. so i need help having more lds and more reliable techniques once the earlier goal is solved.

What techniques were you working on before & what are you doing to try getting lucid now? (DJ writing, RC’s,Techniques ect.)

Mostly MILD, DILD, and a little WILD. The dry spell is still going.

You might want to check out Battling Lucid Dry Spells in the tutorial and FAQ forum. also browse other topics in there as there are lots of great topics about the different techniques.

Thank you.