Extending LD time

In various places on this site I’ve heard about the idea of extending time in a lucin dream to make the LD seem like a month long,
I was wondering if anybody had any techniques for this and for some of the experts to let us know how they do it.

I’ve heard about people being able to have a 15 sleeping period and it feels like a few weeks of dream time!

This hasn’t been proven in anyway, keep in mind.

But I think you just expect the dream to feel like it’ll last a week (or whatever).

Yes, if you expect to feel it that way, then it also feels that way. But such “prolonged” LDs are like watching a movie: you only see significant details which make up a story that might span months or even years in that movie. You never see the actors eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, doing the usual things to survive, but you still subconsciously pretend that they took place. For instance you see someone going to bed, and the next moment he awakens: it took 2 seconds of movie time, but the actual transition might have taken 8 hours. In the same way, dream fragments can create the false impression that you’ve also experienced all the things which might have happened in between them. But apart from the play of expectations, associations and presumptions, I don’t know of any specific technique to change a linear dream course into such a seemingly extended dream. But perhaps you better check out this topic.

damn, i gotta master that…