Extending your lucid dreams

Stay with me here, my question may be confusing. :tongue:

Sometimes we have off from work/no school, and on top of that no other responsibilites for the day. With that in mind, and nobody to come into your room to bother you, is it possible to lengthen your LDs? I don’t mean by 15 minutes, I mean hours. Yeah, I realize there’s the whole REM stage, I get that. But even if you really can’t extend the time of your LDs to any huge extent, could you at least change the perception of length of time in a LD. Now of course there’s the whole “blackout” scenes when a character goes to bed they use in movies, but come on! What I mean is straight perception of time, making it feel as if you’re in a continuing 5 hour + LD or maybe even longer? Is there any technique for that?

From my experience, it’s just pure luck to have a 1 hour seeming LD… :smile:
Maybe less stress = more relaxation. I’ll test it out sometime.

i dont think you can extend rem cycle so i would think if you had a 5 hour rem cycle in theroy you could have a 5 hour ld? right?

Well really, when you are in REM stage and dreaming, who is to say a second is a second? One minute in a LD is probably equal to a half that or less. Just something to think about. :smile:

What about those guys who go into a coma for a few years and wake up claiming to have a dream lasting decades?

exactly. :smile:

Also, without getting into a debate on whether they’re “real” or not, there are people who induce OBEs and swear that the time that passes for them is much longer than what actually goes by. For example, if one only had 2 hours out of body before they returned that would equate 5 minutes in real time.

that is instering i would never have thought of that. thats got to mess with your mind though if you had like a 1hour Ld and like only 20 mins went by

Well, I beleive Stephen LaBerge did an experiment where he found that time in dreams and IWL are pretty close. Although maybe that’s just in normal conditions, which doesn’t rule out the possibility to change one’s time perception.

I’ve read a lucid dream or two where it supposedly lasted for days or a week.

I also think I’ve read someplace that Robert Monroe said he had a 100 year OBE…

So I think it’s possible, just have no idea how to do it. :tongue:

“In dreams- anything is possible”

Well i had about a 7 hour LD in about 3 hours RL…

Time can not be bended (Just like that), all you can do is the whole movie-thingy (Which some people do without even notice it in their ld’s).

What you can do though, is train yourself to remember that you’re asleep, so that once you reach the end of your REM period, you can sleep 'till the next one, and take off from there (It is possible to dream in Deep Sleep too though).

And the sleep cycle continues all the time. If you reach your final REM period, you can keep sleeping and this will start all over again, and you’ll reach REM period number one in 90 minutes.
But the thing is; Who can stay asleep for this long?

I refer you to Writerscube’s 192-hour LD. Take it for what you will. :smile:

Edit: Better yet, how about his 336-hour LD? That’s two weeks. XD

It’s something I plan to achieve over the summer… when I only have to RELAX. :razz:

Holy poo poo.
Yeah, I believe him, but oh shucks, I hope I can pull something like that off soon.

That sounds amazing! Would you mind posting a link so I could read more about it?

Yeah! Sounds very interesting. I’ve always wondered if people in comas dream…

And, yeah, WritersCube’s LD abilities are something I look at as an ultimate objective. :grin: Someday I’ll get there, someday!

Let’s all just keep practicing and practicing and practicing… :wink: