extraterrestrial life

Anyone ever constantly think about other life, out in space? A while ago I gave up on the hope that there would be other life in our solar system, but in all the other galaxies, in the millions of them, just imagine if a whole other solar system or even galaxy was familiar with other life forms in it, capable of space travel (like Star Wars). They could be far beyond our technological achievments, or they could still be a neolithic stage.
But then again, think of the chances that there would be other life during our time. When you think about it, we have only been on the earth for a fraction of the earth’s existence, so maybe other civilizations have come and gone.
It has always interested me because of my love for space, but lately it has grown into an obsessive thought. But if there was such a place (like Star Wars), then I would give everything up on this earth to go there.

I like Earth, it’s my home and I don’t plan on giving it up for finding out about other extraterrestrial life. However, I wouldn’t mind meeting them if they were friendly. Do I believe theirs other forms of life on OUR solar system? Except for perhaps bacteria or water-dependent life forms, no.

But, I do believe that there is ‘aliens’ outside our solar-system. Not only that, I’m positive of it. In fact, I also believe that theirs other people exactly like us only they have highly developed taste-buds, for one undeniable reason: The universe is endless, therfore its pretty much a given that EVERYTHING exists. Even Spiderman exists on one of these worlds where the physics system and the scientific system is totally different.

That’s just an example, I’m also sure that Superman exists somewhere throughout the galaxy, for the same reason I stated above. Endless is endless, and no one around here can comprehend that, simply because of our human limitations. Even if someone has ‘seen’ or ‘understood’ endlessness in LD’s, it’s not really it - it’s just an illusion set by the mind. So to answer your question, or your general wondering. Star Wars exists somewhere, May the Force be with you!

The chances for life outside our planet is very big… much bigger than the chances for that there is not… there is a huge amount of galaxies and each of them has billions of stars very similar to our own. we are definitely not that special…

Many scientests are discovering now that life can exist in very hostal enviroment, at the bottom of the freezing sea, where no sunlight reach the bottom… in freezing polar ice and so on… they have even discovered that one of the moons of jupiter"Europa" might have liquid ocean underneath the ice. If there is water, there is quite big chance there also might be some sort of lifeforms… though they are probably very simple.
There are a quite few things that point to that there has existed huge oceans on the planet mars in its past. Some scientests believe that there might still be freezed water underneath the surface :smile:

I dont really believe that there a big chances that we will recieve a radio signal from another species though… the chances that they use radio equipment that is similar to ours is VERY slim even though the universe might be flooding with intelligent beings.

I really hope there will be a human expedicion to mars during my lifetime.

Good topic. Do a search on “The Drake Equation” for the theory of how much life could exist in our galaxy.

I also liked the idea in the movie “Contact” where we do find other civilizations by radio. Though the chances seem unlikely at this stage.

Some believe the aliens are already here and keeping an eye on our development.

With a good telescope you can sort of visit some of those far away places in space. I’ve seen some things through my 16" telescope that are beyond words to describe.

And to those looking back at us, we are the aliens.

Yeah, ive had a telescope for about a year now and still havent been able to set the viewfinder to the scope haha
One of these days though i will spend some hours on it and tweak it up perfectly… because space is probably my favourite thing, i would lover to see some marvelous things up there
one time i did zero in on the moon, it was amazing because i could see the sides werent smooth, i could see craters and ridges, it was amazing!

I just woke up from a dream about UFO’s, I go on here to see this topic.
Last night I did so many exercises for LD’s, it was like what my life was all about. I was almost crazy feeling to think, “Oh no, what if I don’t have an LD!” It was a matter of life or death to me. As I layed down I listened to music CD to induce OOBE’s. I had a vivid dream that I was looking at the sky with my sister. We thought it was a plane, but it started doing loops, moving very akward, then started to zoom at us. It felt so scary.
I didn’t go lucid, but I have a very real feeling that "something out there is getting very interested in me due to my recent hard core attempts to LD.

From what I have read, other entities do exist, and they are right here with us… Have you ever heard of any books about ‘Seth’? many pychics have channeled Seth, there are many books about it. I think the best books are by Jane Roberts.

Other books about alien entity contact include the one called ‘The only planet of choice’ more details can be found at: theonlyplanetofchoice.com

Many famous Astral travelers have had contact with alien entities, Robert Monroe is probably the most famous. Its worth reading his second book, Far Jouneys… lots of mind blowing details on his contacts with them.

In other dimensions, there seems to be billions of different entities, and only a hand full are from earth.


Yes I know these Seth books by Jane Roberts. But I have some problems with just accepting its contents. How can you be absolutely sure that these entities aren’t some kind of thought forms created by your powerful subconsciousness? Compare it with NDEs: when people encounter entities, then these are always shaped by their own beliefs, and thus by their own subconsciousness. A christian will never meet Buddha for instance. Perhaps this is simply a subconscious way to represent itself in a recognizable concept. But does that necessarily mean that these entities are out-of-this-world? I don’t know about this…

Yes, I agree. I watched a tv show about the brain, (professionally done with a well know scientist, whose name i forget) and it showed an experiment where they had metal coils in a helmet that enhanced signals from certain parts of the brain.
Anyway when they did this to a lower part of the brain they could actually induce these sort of halucinations where the person could actually feel like someone was with them when no one was. (They were volunteers in a dark room with one of those night cameras.)
The scientists called this the religious centre of the brain. And there was a story about someone with a mental disorder that often thought she was seeing Jesus and other religious things, when she was actually having seizures. (similar to Vincent Vang Gough-not sure of spelling, the painter if you know anything about that)

I wonder if they could induce LD’s this way?

And on the topic of aliens. Well I have to say that i would like it if there were but i think that we can’t be so sure about the probability that there are aliens in the universe, even considering the amount of stars. The probability might be 10^-100 or even less. To realise this, just imagine all the things that led to life. First the liquid water, then the first single-celled organisms-they could take an incredibly long time to form and reproduce, enough time for many disasters to destroy them before they even have a chance. Then they have to have the automatic function of reproducing otherwise that character trait will never get passed down to other cells and life would only be one cell living then dying.

And to immortal:
Scientists actually believe that there is a limit to the universe, but as some of you may have heard, they also believe that the universe is expanding. Since there are limits to the universe we can’t say that everything exists. However, there could be alternate universes and there might not be, since we don’t know anything about the probability one way or the other, we can say that there is a 50-50 chance that they do.

Sorry for the long post, but it’s my first time back in a while (couple of months) and I needed to type something.

I disagree there… you need water, a planet that is big enough for a athmosphere but not too big… if this planet is orbiting the star in a distance that gives the planet a “normal” temp, then the chances are really not that small… though scientests now have discovered that life can exist in extreme enviroments, where it is either very hot or very cold… all you need is water. For example they have found life/microbes even in volcanos, in the very deep sea where sunlight never reaches…

Most scientest also believe that mars once had huge oceans of water. some even believe that the moon europa has liquid water beneath the ice, cause of vulcanic activity that keeps it hot enough… i believe there is a probe on its way there now, to drill through the ice :smile:

all you need is water :happy:

when i say aliens, i do not mean humanoid like intelligent beings… life can be small bacterias also. very intelligent beings is probably not as common, but i am sure they exist somewhere. There are probably smarter ones than us humans somewhere also… though i really doubt we will ever get in contact with them… way to far away

I know that life can exist in the most extreme environments, but the chance that it actually can start in those environments or any environment may be very small. You say that all you need is water, some life may not even need that. But the problem is the actual starting of the life. ie. life from no life. On earth i don’t believe life started in volcanoes, it probably started somewhere else and then moved closer to volcanoes, as it did so it evolved to resist the harsh environment. Life that is just starting out would probably not have the defences to resist this kind of place and so life would not start in a volcano.

One of you guys said the chances of life of other small, even though there are billions of other stars…although it may seem like a small number like 1 in out of 1000 planets would have life on it, think of the billions upon billions of stars there are wiht there own planets revolving around them, that 1 in 1000 is amplified enormously…

I think that the chances are less than 1 in 1000. But my real point that i am trying to get across to you is that we don’t know the probability so how can we say “i think there is definately other life.”

Alright how does 1 in 1000000 sound? haha
There is just such a vast number of other planets, how could you just make the assumption that our one puny planet is the only one lucky enough to be blessed with life???

I am not saying for sure that we are the only ones. But i think that we can’t say for sure that we are not.

Have you seen any asteroids that have the names of everyone on this earth at this moment carved into it? By your logic there must be and there might even be 2 of those asteroids! Or even more!

And by the way although i expect there to be many more we have only found a few hundered planets. Some stars don’t even have any planets as far as we can tell.

And 1 in a million might still be too big. You just can’t make up a value without any reasoning behind it.

The value i made was only a quick example, the numbers didnt really matter just the fact that the numbers are a lot bigger than they seem when you put them into the actual setting.
I understand you saying there is no way to prove we are the only ones, because, simply there isn’t a way.
With other stars having their own planets, although I am not a professional astrologer, i would say thats just simply a given, because our universe has been around so long there had to have been ways for other solar systems to be created like our own has. Although I have not seen other ones like everyone else on this planet, there is no way to prove it. But half of our history and life is made up on theories, and this theory i think is safe enough to stand by.

I understand what you are saying about the big numbers and i do realise that from what we’ve seen there are probably a lot more planets around. But because we have not seen a single alien we can’t say that we aren’t the only ones because that might just be the case.

People often say that because of the amount of stars that we are not alone. I give you another example. Say you are born into the richest family in the world. You have everything you could ever want. You assume that because you live this way that there must be someone else who also lives this way. But, there is no one else because you are the richest. Do you see my point?

All we can go by is what we have to observe, if we looked at the rich person and look at how hard it was to become that rich we might realise that there would be no one else that rich. It is the same with life. If we look at how hard it is to produce life from nothing then we can realise that we might just be the only ones.

And the things about theories: they usually have a lot of thought put behind them, that is what makes them stand the test of time. If we just use one variable (ie. the amount of stars in the universe) then we can only get a very small picture of the accurate details on the matter. You seem to be avoiding the difficulty in creating life from nothing.

Yeah, i guess it is quite an anomaly when life starts from scratch, but if earth has the capability, it just leads me to believe there are others.
I think we can just both agree on that the chance of other planets having life is high enough for both us to believe.

The problem is that we cannot detect them with todays techonology. We can only detect planets on the size of jupiter or bigger atm.

I am pretty sure we can detect small earthlike sized planets in the future though :smile: [/code]

ESA is planning to build a system of 6 telescopes which will work together to find Earth-like planets (called the Darwin project). These should be launched in about 10-15 years and will be placed way out of the Earth’s orbit.
I think there are even some plans to develop a system of special telescopes which will even be able to take pictures of these Earth-like planets. Sounds very promising :smile: