Extremely strange; very old dreams are recalled NOW

Hello all,

well if you read my other thread you know that the last days I have had some trouble with recalling my current night’s dreams. But during the daytime it seems like I have recalled extremely old dreams; I have now remembered 5 dreams I have had a very long time ago. Is there some connection between my current poor recall and remembering these old dreams? Does remembering these old dreams mean something, like I have improved mentally / dreamingly?


Hm it often happens that I recall a very old dream when I have problems recalling the dream I just dreamt. But in these cases I often remember it during the day and not just after awakening like I usually do when recalling recent dreams.

I think that there is a connection: You concentrate on recalling your dream and you think about what could have happened, you think about dreamsign and what you did the day before and this triggers some older dreams. My theory about it.
But you are definitly not alone with this incident.

I also Remember long forggoten dreams But i don’t concentrate on recalling the days dream. Sometimes it just hits me.

I don’t think that there is a connection between your recall of last nights dtreams and long ago dreams.

My theory is that your old dreams get buried in your memories and when you try to recall a dream they just pop out. :bored:

Nah, it’s like a bobbie trap.
It can be as small as a piece of bread laying on a table, and suddenly you remember a dream that you dreamt years back only by looking at the breadpice…

the same thing has been happening to me, i think its cool

Similar thing happened to me few times. I suddenly recalled a very old dream. But when I thought more about it, I realised that I had never had a dream like this… Strange feeling - remembering something that never happened :razz:

Next one here :tongue: Im sometimes recalling old dreams without any try at it. At one moment i just got it. Altrough i dont have recall problems :tongue: I dont think that recalling old dreams and problems with recalling new ones are related, however recalling them is good sign. Just concentrate on recall or dream journal/diary if you have one.

Im sometimes thinking about dream after wakeup, in “what would happen if i …” form. Sometimes when im recalling that dream, i take that imagined version instead that i was dreaming about. That confuses a bit :neutral: