Eyes open or closed?

When doing WILD, MILD, whatever, would it be a good idea to keep my eyes open and let them close, or to keep them closed and open when I think I’m dreaming? I’ve always done it with my eyes closed, but when I open them, nothing’s ever different (except, sometimes, there’s swirly flowing lights, but they show up when my eyes are open or closed, especially when I’m meditating)

Whatever works better for you…just test and see which one works for you

No no no no! You dont have to open yon eyes. You will start to C stuff anny way

The idea is to block out as much external stimulii as possible, just like in meditation, so it’s probably better to close your eyes.

Depends. Usually there is some kind of clue that you are sleeping when WILD’ing. For me, it’s an audible cue where whatever noise I was focusing on last gets incredibly loud then quiets down. I do an RC (plugging nose because that requires no eyesight) to see if I’m sleeping, but don’t open my eyes YET. If I find that I’m sleeping, I open my dream eyes.

But, as said, it depends on what you find most effective.

I’ve tried with my eyes open before and I notice that I start to “black-out” with my eyes still open…it’s weird :eek:

It’s easier for me to see mental-images though, with my eyes open…but I still prefer my eyes closed…:content:

I can’t fall asleep with my eyes open. I would have to be ridiculously tired for it to work for me, probably too tired to maintain any focus.

When you do WILD, I think it’s quite necessary to have your eyes closed cause you have to fall asleep. It will be difficult, I think, with open eyes. And for autosuggestion techniques, I think it’s better too to have your eyes closed.

I get that same sound, its like the volume of everything gets put to 200% then drops back to 100%. But i get this before i’m asleep, but heading towards AH/HI… you actually get this when you are totally wilding?

Yeah; it ends up being the last thing that happens between waking and sleeping for me. The hard part for me is not focusing on it, because it usually fades away.

What I mean is, it fades away, but I can still hear it. In a dream, when it fades away, it fades completely away.