F.A.L.D. My new method for ultimate LD's

Full Awareness Lucid Dreams.

I am still touching up on some techs but basically this method is for more accurate re-creation plus longer ld time plus a few more little benefits.

1.First thing that needs to be done is re-creation of the little things often overlooked such as temperature,wind speed,and of course the big one TEXTURE!.best thing to do is to get the basics covered.


First spend a few minutes each day where you can just sit down and get to open your senses to these different textures and feelings.then use your favorite *ILD and re-create what you felt when touching and feeling the nature around you.Give yourself a week or two until you can walk down a dream street and feel just like you would in real life.This in itself will expand your dream time which i will discuss why later on(part 10 of 10)

2.Next thing to do is to pick out a small/medium sized room where you spend most of your day office cubical,school room,ld4all chat room :wink:,ect and open your awareness to the the way the air feels when your breath(stuffy-indoors open and fresh outdoors,ect)also pick-up on the smells as well.focus on the temperature of the room,breeze speed,ect.the next thing to focus on is your textures.for example how does the keyboard feel when you type? re-create that feeling until it is just as if awake.

in order to create this you need to focus on this while awake so try not to look like your high/drunk in front of everyone :smile: after you get the small room perfect then move on to bigger things such as outside in a field.
well that’s about all to do for the basics after a couple of months you won’t know if your awake or asleep :wink:

benefits to this exercise is that once you move out of doing the small time things such as rooms you can then create fantasy worlds that have full feeling and don’t feel MONO as some would say.also once you make everything feel “normal” your mind will relax more and feel more at home therefore increasing time naturally plus there are other methods to make time even longer.

so give this a try and i’ll post part 2,3,and 4(10 in total) to this method tomorrow.

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Actually this just sounds like some of the exercises in “Lucid Dreaming in 30 days the creative sleep program.” Defiantly not a secret technique or anything so you are not missing anything.

Seems to have a similarity to Yoga mental excercises to me. I’ll pass this one by since it requires a two month period of effort with no gaurantee.

Yes, in a sense it is yoga like and also makes LD ‘ing much harder than it needs to be. The similar exercises from the other book I mentioned were designed to be done in a few days. I did not do them at all. :content:

Ask and you shall receive!

Although at first I thought I had something perfect laid out,I will revise this once I get back into ld’ing again.

I’ve been busy going to school,building guitars and between 3 different bands and a few solo projects,my time ld’s droped to an unreal low.

Can’t really work on anything new yet until I get back into the groove agian.When I do I promise a much better plan for higher levels of awareness(visually and sensory).

I know it works i’ve done it in the past,just give me a few weeks to get my ld’s back and i’ll work on better techs to make ld’s become more enjoyable.

I’m back and here to stay. :cool:

Funny, I swear I’de posted here before. Maybe my post was too cutting. Said something along the lines of “haha, how funny, I bet he didn’t even plan out the other 9!”.

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yeah actually I did,But don’t think each part was supposed to be 20 pages worth of text either.

It was more like a step by step over a course of a few weeks and a few exercises to keep doing over and over until you really notice a difference.

Shit happend and I couldn’t continue to focus on ld’s much,but I’m forcing myself to make time now.

hmm I can’t edit my post for some reason,so I guess i’ll just post another quick thing.

I guess I made it seem to be completely new,may not be to some,but to me it was at the time,because I never read books,studied websites,etc.

All my learning and trying new tactics came from within the dream realm which is the best way to get things done.

I don’t do any yoga so I can’t say how similar it is to it or not,I just knew it worked and felt I should share it.Although I will be taking a deeper look into these old methods and try them over again and work on a few new ideas and see how it pans out.

BTW,nothing makes ld’ing harder than doubt.It’s mental thing.Exercising your mind helps(not hinders) your ld’ing.

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Have a good one everyone,I’m going to bed hopefully to have a nice DILD.