FA lucid cycle

I was just going to say I had 3 WILDs and 2 false awakenings in 30 minutes but then thinking back on it I think I tried doing the 3 WILDs while I was inside the dream, and it was really just 5 false awakenings.

I found a way to do a WILD in like 5 seconds so when I woke up, or atleast when I thought I woke up, I did it and went back into the dream. After the 3rd time I noticed that when I “woke up” the room was different so then I just skipped the WILD part and started the dream. Same with the last one.

Anyway, this has happened before also. That time I was also only sleeping for about half an hour or so. I ended up doing a RC when I woke up and kept having FA’s.

They are all really short and kind of unstable but if you count them all togather it lasts a while, and if you mess something up you get another try right away.

I think a lot of the time when you first start a dream, you “wake up” in your bed then you go off and do all the other stuff. So maybe if you focus on when you “wake up” you can go lucid and stay lucid a lot easier. If its at the start of the dream I think thats where you get the cycles from. Normally they are at the end so you just wake up, but if its at the start your body doesn’t want to get up yet so you keep going through false awakenings.

This sound a lot like the “dream re-entry” technique…

Basically when you wake up from an LD, you just don’t move, and don’t open your eyes, if you do the counting method or just visualize a dream set, you will re-enter the dream very quickly…

I do that sometime when the LD i have is not clear enough, i wake up voluntarily and re-enter it, usually the “re-entered” dream is a lot clearer and vivid than the one before…

That works for me to Zizou. I’ve found that I can keep going back to sleep and having dreams and LDs. That’s what I love about weekends…sleeping in! You can stay in bed for ages and just dream :smile: