faces before lucid

everytime i go lucid or attempt to i always first become very relaxed. then my body goes numb. after this i concentrate of the darkness and i feel like i am lifted for a short while and while i am i see a face in the middle of the darkness. this happens everytime i really try hard to become lucid. i once reconized it as satan and then the next day Jesus. most of the time i cannot tell who the faces belong to but they always feel extremely familiar. the faces are always a greyish white outline to the black. i was just wondering if anybody knows anything about this. thanks!

[b]That’s pretty cool.

Perhaps it is HI ? [/b]

Yeah, one time I saw a little devilish clown guy. He spoke to me in meter (I actually think it was iambic pentameter–you know like Shakespeare). He said something about creating a world together then I fell through my bed and I jolted awake (because of the falling thing). It was pretty sweet!

It’s just HI, dont worry about it. Sound’s cool, never happened to me. Your dream will start forming soon if you dont wake up, it’s the first images your mind creates and there’s nothing to be afraid of :content: (oOOo i wish i could see pineapples in HI :tongue: )

I’ve had something similar before. Once when i was trying to U-WILD and i got to the same stage as you, numb body etc, hen suddenly my vision changed from what were day-dream like images to weird eyes. There was a nice mix of eyes in there from normal girls eyes to evil demon eyes and even some of those stereotypical alien eyes, which actually got a bit freaky after a while because i couldn’t stop them! :razz:

oh wow, thanks, i didn’t realize how close those images were to becoming lucid.