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So i am really into faeries and being spiritually connected. I use LDing to get close to this other world.
I am a Christian and I talk to God and God talks to me. When I asked Him if faeries are real He said He would tell me in a million years. A long time ago He told me, “You are meant to be an angel.”

I am trying to get psychic powers, I already have some experience with telepathy and empathy, being a psychic empath like taking someone elses pain from them and taking it on myself. I started doing visualizations in my head to try to feel people who are in heaven who I miss, I visualize how that person feels, etc, and then when I get LDs I keep trying to explore like that. I have had shared dreams before, a long time ago.

What do you guys think?

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Thomas Keightley writes in his book, The Fairy Mythology:

The popular belief in Ireland also is, that the Fairies are a portion of the fallen angels, who, being less guilty than the rest, were not driven to hell, but were suffered to dwell on earth. A clergyman was returning home one night after visiting a sick member of his congregation. His way led by a lake, and as he proceeded he was surprised to hear most melodious strains of music. He sat down to listen. The music seemed to approach coming over the lake accompanied by a light. At length he discerned a man walking on the water, attended by a number of little beings, some bearing lights, others musical instruments. At the beach the man dismissed his attendants, and then walking up to the minister saluted him courteously. He was a little grey-headed old man, dressed in rather an unusual garb. The minister having returned his salute begged of him to come and sit beside him. He complied with the request, and on being asked who he was, replied that he was one of the Daoine Sidhe. (The people of the hills, or the sidhe.) He added that he and they had originally been angels, but having been seduced into revolt by Satan, they had been cast down to earth where they were to dwell till the day of doom. His object now was, to ascertain from the minister what would be their condition after that awful day.

That’s what some humans say, anyway.

I suppose that if you’re meant to get psychic powers or to know something, then God will grant them to you. This is the way I was taught to understand the story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors…that, he had the ability to dream and interpret dreams, but he had at first been arrogant with this gift and perhaps believed that he was free to say to his family that they would bow before him. When he was sold into slavery and then into prison, when the other prisoners with him had dreams, he could interpret them correctly but only with God’s guidance.

It’s also a bit of Moses in the desert…God told him to raise his arms up and that water would burst from the stone. Moses struck the stone with his staff instead, and was punished by never being able to inhabit the land that he was leading these people to. This could have been because striking the staff was symbolic of Moses doing “magic” or working a miracle by his own power…or so it seemed to the people he was leading, and that was why God gave specific instructions for Moses which was not to do that, and also why Moses had to be punished for doing it anyway: It was a show of self-empowerment, not of piety.

But then, the denomination that I was raised in might be very different than the tradition or path that you follow, even if we might have heard the same Biblical stories. Best wishes on your exploration!

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First off, hi fellow Christian :smile:, and I definitely think you can use LDs to your advantage to pray to God, talk to him, and visit those in heaven. Now for the psychic part, increasing your real life experiences, like you said you are trying to get psychic powers. Keep trying to use these dreams to better your relationship with God, talk/interact with loved ones that have passed, and increase your real life senses as well with telepathy and such. I wish you luck, have fun!

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Thanks. Do you think things like telepathy and telekenisis is possible?
I am practicing being an empath by guessing my family and friend’s emotions and trying to and asking to take on their pain myself.

Also my best friend who killed himself used to talk to me telepathically. It was beautiful and scary.

Anyways thanks for the response. I think doing psycic things in dreams will prepare me for real life. Just like doing gymnastics in dreams helped me do it in real life.

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No problem! I totally think telepathy is possible, telekinesis I am on the edge about, but that’s just my opinion. I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that our brains were meant for telepathy, when we had no methods of physical communications, we used mental communications, A.K.A. telepathy. Good luck with everything!

I’m very sorry to hear that he took his life. That’s amazing that he could speak to you telepathically!

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thanks! im in the middle of a workout but would love to build a friendship! ive been attempting to LD for a long time so I might be able to give you tips :slight_smile:

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That sounds great! I’d enjoy a Christian buddy who also likes to LD :smile:

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