failure initiated lucid dreaming

i think i found a easy technique to get lucid.i will call it failure initiated lucid dreaming, because failed WILD attempts induce lucid dreams. description is as follows
1.before you go to sleep at night, practise the WILD technique. as WILD is very difficult, you, generally fall asleep. if not, sleep after practising WILD for a while.
2.wake up after 5-6 hours,like the way you perform WBTB. but you need not stay awake for half an hour, just a few minutes.attempt WILD again. remember, you need not be succesful. just try it and go back to sleep.
3. beleive me or not, then you will have a lucid dream. it works like the MILD, but more reliable
this technique is easier because need not stay awake for long periods in middle of your sleep, unlike WBTB
2.WILD is not a technique that can be learnt in a day. so practising it regularly along with having lucid dreams is more encouraging.
warning: attempt WILD sincerely in this technique even though being succesful is not compulsory. if you dont try sincerely it may not work

This is not unknown :cool: Maybe it is all the thinking about lucid dreaming in the WILD process that incubates a spontaneous LD? I have often had a LD in the last sleep cycle as a “bonus” after a failed WILD.

Siiw wrote

       that's exactly what we want while using this technique.  all the process that i described acts as an effective reminder for lucid dreams. btw, you also improve your WILD skills

this one is really nice ,

when you plan on doing this it might help to open the eyes and be wakeful for a few good moments before shutting them and working on the transition and entry

can we have this technique in the knowledge base? what do you think?

the advantage of the technique is that even the beginners take up practising WILD and find that failed WILD attempts do not go in vain.
the technique rectifies the disadvantages of MILD WBTB and WILD
they are is not boring like MILD
2.the difficulty of WILD need not be traversed in a day in WBTB, you do not have the trouble of staying awake an hour in middle of your sleep cycle, which can be frustrating for some people.
my success rate is maximum with this technique. hope it works for others

Thanks for explaining why I hadn’t had a LD in a while. I had stopped trying WILD. Now, I’ll try to take it back up again! Thanks!

I’ve had some success with this method, however when I do become lucid it is very unclear.

For example, a few nights ago I had a failed WILD. That night I was dreaming that I was chasing after someone for some reason. I realized that I was dreaming, but was not thinking clearly enough to really take control. Instead I started flying so I could catch the guy I was chasing, and woke up shortly after. It never ocurred to me to really try to control the dream.