Fake LD's,ARRRRRRRR - please help

Every morning I wake up at 5:00am and do MILD as I return to sleep, and every time this leads to what I call a ‘fake lucid dream’ where I dream that I have realised that I’m dreaming. How can I stop this happening and have real lucidity instead? I know they’re not lucid because I have had LD’s before and they were very different (I got excited etc.) Is this just me making progression or is it uncommon?

Also, these dreams always lead to a false awakening where I ‘wake up’ in an unfamiliar bed, or on a bus, or in front of a computer etc. Can anybody think of a way i could use this to my advantage - such as doing an RC every time I wake up in real life etc. ?

Thanks for any help

You are just making progress to having a LD. It happened in the same way for me. If you´re getting False Awakenings, you´re even closer!

Yeah doing a reality check everytime you wake up, is defenitely the way to do it, since you often have False awakenings… :smile:

Thanks guys, I’ll do this.

Another thing I’ve noticed about my dreams is that the longer I stay awake before going back to sleep the more my chance of having control over the dream. Does this sound familiar? Also - any tips for keeping your mind focused during MILD?.. because mine tends to wander to encourage me to fall asleep

Yes, when I wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, I usually return to the dream I was having, sometimes this leads to a dream with (high) lucidity.

once you have a nice LD and many FA you will probably do RCs after waking up (next to trying to remember what you dreamt of course!). Well I find it hard to get out of bed now without a careful and critial RC, because FA and RL awakenings are just about dindistinguishable for me, an inexperienced LDer!

Keeping your mind focused during MILD is a thing of practice and will- power, and will power and visualization are increased through practice yet again. Also believe in yourself and be positive and expect what you want. Mindblocks are nasty.