"Fake" WILD?

Hey everyone!

I have a question regarding my…hmm…I guess one could say “quest” or “journey” to my dream world last night.

So first of all, i have been back into the concept of lucid dreaming for about…maybe 2 days, so I’m proud of how close I came last night. This is what happened: I used a series of techniques, none performed to it’s fullest potential I guess. Anyhow I am going to simply describe what i did last night to avoid mix ups or arguments of whether it was WILD or VILD, etc.

So i hopped into bed, about 1:20AM, or so. I felt quite confident I would be lucid dreaming tonight, because the thought of it was on my mind all night, steadily, and I had been doing many RCS and whatnot. So I started doing this, slightly moving my two fingers under my pillow (I guess this is 'movement induced LDing?") while sort of letting images sape into my closed-eye, peripheral vision, if that makes sense (basically HI). Suprisingly, concidering I didnt think this would work in the first place, sart seeing fairly vivid images. BUT, I was still entiiireely aware of the fact I was still awake and trying to become lucid. For example, when i was right about to conk, it felt like, I like refocused into the fact that i was lying in bed, awake? lol. The only way I can decribe this sensation is this: Close your eyes, in mid day,and picture cool images. This was basicaly how I felt. I knew very well that i wasnt there and that i wasnt even asleeep yet.

I’m not sure what this was, and if anyone could elp me out, I’d appreciate it.

Oh! and here’s another weird thing. I was doing this for a while, tossing and turning, trying to get into a friggin dream (LOL), when i suddenly decided to check the time (at this point I was, for some reason, completely confused about what was reality and not, so it was partially as a RC). Anyhow, I look and it’s 3:00AM in the morning! This entire thing only felt like about 30-40 mins, TOPS. It was so weird, and at that point, when i loked at the clock, I tried to remember like when I went to bed and stuff, and I had the same sensation as just remembering a night long’s dream. Although this entire time I remember not being able to focus, and being quite awake?

Lol, very weird. and I’m sorry, I understand that these are probably pretty abstract ideas and unclear explanations. But I’d appreciate anycomments or tips!

Thank you!


By the way, while in this sorta "day dream"ish HI, I was almost, what felt like I was doing, forcinggg RC. I’d have to like think real hard bout looking at my hand, and it being deformed, for example.

I dunno, it was odd. I guess youc ould call this experience “Over-lucid dreaming” haha, because I was trying to enter my dreamscapes and stuff, but it was pointless concidering i was aware of myself being in bed and still awake right now. It was like Pre-dream lucidity, haha

That’s what i’m thinking… obviously the technique has some strange results, made you feel strange… but I suggest trying an alternative technique unless you want to figure out what is making this technique of yours fail which could take some time.

Yeah, i think I just needa be more tired. Because last night when I was doing it, I was barely tired, so falling asleep alone would have been difficult…let alone trying to stay conscience while doing so

This sounds alot like what happens to me in the stages right before having a WILD. I get stuck in this stage sometime and can’t get into the real dream. sometimes it feels like i have to stay in that stage for like 20 minutes b4 i can WILD. It can be very difficult for me to stay calm but focused. Usually when HI starts to form i just try to make some sense of the patterns and then try to zoom in on the intricate details. sometimes it works other times no… As soon as you have somthing concrete theres usually a transitional period where i have to “go” to the image or dreamscape. I know this sounds vague.
Example, the first time i WILD’d a large glowing white window appeared (looked identical to the one in my room but glowing)
I had to “float” over and thru this b4 i was actually into the dream. At one point i was back out of the dream and back to the point just outside the window, i had to struggle for 5 minutes to get back in. When you get into your WILD you will definately know it. It will look exactly as waking life but 20x better. You will be able to examine ppl and objects as close as you want and they’ll be super realistic. Plus you lucidity should be alot better. …hope it helps!