Fall Asleep Immediatly

This happened to me a while ago, and I was wondering weather any of you guys had this same experience, or know exactly what happened.

I saw in my bed, not even that tired, I think it was a Friday after a long school week. Anyway, I closed my eyes, and it felt like I IMMEDIATELY woke up, without even have gone to sleep. In fact, I at least know for sure that I immediately fell asleep, and then I woke up, 8 hours later, fully refreshed, without even seeming like a second had passed. It was really odd - like I never even went to sleep. So, this happen to anyone?

Why, yes. This happened to me last night.

This is probably the first time I remember this happening to me, I was lieing in bed after setting my alarm clock for WBTB. MY alarm clock is funky in that when you tell it to stop playing alarm music it will still do it for about 50% of the time.

well it happened this time, I told it to shut up again. I then started to try and go back to sleep.

When I heard it again I cursed to myself went over to turn it off and noticed it was 4 o clock already, It was like I had not slept at all.

I still felt energetic and awake just as I had earlier. It’s the weirdest thing ever, I’m not sure if I like this feeling. it’s sudden and the time lapse is weird. I might be able to use it to my advantage if it happened every night but I hope it is a one time thing.

I loved the feeling though. I felt completely refreshed. Although, let me rephrase my earlier statement. It was like I was knocked out for a split second, and then immediately woke back up - I knew I had gone to sleep but it felt like I hadn’t.

This has only happened to me once… well… not really…nI was trying hypnosis and I’m not sure exactly where I went out… but I just kinda… skipped the entire length of the file and woke up and the end of the “waking up” part… First and only time I ever went into trance using hypnosis…

I don’t remember any such occurance but it sounds unpleasant. I can imagine if it happened every day, you would feel like you missed out on the downtime. You look forward to a long nights rest and get nothing. Even if you are refreshed it must feel like something’s missing.