falling alseep in the middle of MILD? = NEW TITLE

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Okay, now I’ve got your attention, I have a question for all you Lucid Dreaming aces out there.
Do you fing methods like MILD hard because of the fact that you fall alseep in the middle of doing them? I do. I was wondering, if you hed this problem, how did you get over it? Thanx.

MILD is a total of thoughts you have about dreaming and lds.Its all you do during the day and before you go to sleep.Rcs,fantasies,just knowing the possibility it may happen-it all is MILD.Out of this you most propaby will get DILD-dream induced ld-when u know its a dream “out of nowhere”-its your subcounsciousness telling you it might.
What you do just before bed time is just a percent of MILD.
good luck:)

Ps.Try avoiding such a topic titles as owner and moderators of this forum has asked for in"posting guidelines"
take care:)

Sorry about that title. Must have forgotten.
Anyway, I do practise RCs and fantasize and do most of the things you mentioned throughout the day. However I was thinking just yesterday, I may be motivated and all that when I’m awake during the day, but when I wake real early to do some MILD I might be like, “Ohhhhhhh, too tired. I’ll do it tommorrow morning!” I think I should start working on waking myself up a bit more, so I’m thinking a little clearer and less likely to fall alseep so fast.