Falling asleep, but in a scarry wa.

I posted some of this in my journal area, but really was wondering if someone else has ever had this happen to them, or if maybe there might be something wrong with me.
I was in a very scary dream and it was really hard to wake up from. When I did I felt very heavy and quickly fell right back into the dream. I kept jerking myself away and going right back in time after time. Then I faught it…my body became so heavy that I couldn’t move. The only way I can describe what happens next is what felt like blackness creaping in from the back of my brain. As it crept over my brain and got to my ears I could hear loud whispering from what sounded like a croud of people and it felt evil. My eyes where open and as it took over my entire head my vision became cloudy. I could not move, and the only way to get rid of it was to take everything I had to jerk my head up off the pillow. Eventually I was able to fall into a normal sleep. What the heck is this and has anyone else had this happen before? :scared: [/u][/b]

Aww bitty! Sounds like you experienced sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is completely normal, and if you wake suddenly then you may find yourself in it. It is where our body basically freezes during REM sleep, so that we do not act out our dreams (when sleep paralysis doesn’t occur, we have sleep walking). This state usually ends before we normally wake. It can be accompanied by HI, or HS (random sounds or images that can be scary). If you look through the Sleep Paralysis and the Old Hag topic, you might find similar experiences to your own. The key thing is to just not stress and relax, it is normal and everything you see and hear is not real.

I looked that up after I read your reply. They have a scientific reason for this happening to people and that it is fairly uncommon. (lucky me)
I think I would have been fine until the whispering became up close in my ear. And it’s always a female voice when this happens, once it said it was going to kill me over and over again.
Thank you for your reply and leading me in the right direction. Hopefully it will help me to to freak out so badly the next time it happens.