The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part V

This is a split topic, the links to previous parts are
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also there is a good article The Peril and Promise of Sleep Paralysis (by Ryan Hurd)

I experienced SP for the first time (at least, that I can remember) last night :content:

I was WILD-ing, and then I felt the vibrations. I wasn’t too impressed- I get those all them- but then my body started convulsing. Just my arms and mouth, violently, like a seizure. I’m not sure if it was real or imagined, but it happened two or three times.

I heard my mom say something to me, and that’s when I realized I was having HH. There was a TON of it. Mostly images and sounds. I was having so much fun, until it became scary. I wanted to move, I wanted to wake up. I felt a presence in my room, the dark seemed to get darker, the walls were closing in. It was all so real. I heard my own voice making a deal with me. “If you promise never to WILD again, I’ll let you wake up.” I immediately agreed to the terms :eh: (what was I thinking?). This led me on a series of three FAs, all of which are in my DJ.

I’ve gotten a new confidence from this experience. SP isn’t so scary after all, it’s actually kinda fun :smile: You just need to stay in control of your mind; nothing bad will happen to you.

That’s very true - you need to be aware that SP can’t harm you, and then it turns out to be fun. If you are scared, SP will most likely be scary. If you aren’t scared, SP will most likely be, well…not scary.

I had another SP experience last night. This time, I didn’t realise at the time and I was pretty scared - so it turned out to be quite frightening.
It was a shadow demon figure standing right infront of me, snarling and growling at me in an evil manner.

I tried it just now 5 minutes ago.
It was pretty cool.
I just layed, counting in my head: 1, Im dreaming, 2 Im dreaming and so on.
When i reached like 80 i heard my friend say “Hello, Adrian.”
Then i heard a knock somewhere, and i opened my eyes.

Why can’t we ever hallucinate a hot chick in lingerie straddling us instead of an old hag?

If there is one thing I want to avoid, it is definitley SP.
Just the thought of it gives me the creeps.
I first heard about it on tv, I think it was on the Oprah Winfrey show, about people who suffer from terrifying dreams, such as SP’s with the Old Hag. Pee’d my pants.
I always say that God is with me and will protect me from having SP’s, and I also try to avoid sleeping on my back. I have had SP’s in the past though, but luckily never accompanied by scary figures.

I am completely, and utterly scared. and I know that you are going to say “its all in my head” but thats the thing, its all in my head, and I’m afraid that all of the dark and scary things will come out of my head and manifest itself during my WILD. I am expecting some old hag or anything worse to show up, and hear creepy things, so because i’m expecting that, its going to happen, right? :scared:

I think I have SPs regularly (Without doing anything). Is this possible (2-3 SPs per month)?

Before I found out about LD I was afraid of them. They were nightmares for me. Then I discovered that SPs are completely harmless. The last SP was funny. I tried to release (<- hope this is the right word) the SP somehow (I didn’t thought of the possibility to become lucid -.-) and suddenly there were coming voices from my alarm clock. They laughed at me, because I couldn’t release the SP. It was kinda motivation for me. I woke up and realised that I could have become lucid. :ack:

2-3 times per month is easily possible.

Lately I’ve been reverting back to my old sleep schedule of about 4-5 hours sleep at night, get up do some stuff, then get another 4 hours or so. (When you get home from work about 1:30[am] and have to be up again by 8…I think it’s the best option.)
Thus anything in the morning is like a long WBTB to me. In my naps I’ll usually wake up once or twice, roll over and fall asleep again, but often enough I’ll fall into a SP because of that.
Lately, it’s been getting easier. Basically every time I get more than 8 hours sleep total, I will wake up in SP at least once. So it’s really once every couple days.

It’s funny though. I’ve NEVER been afraid of SP. I always enjoy it :happy: It feels sooo cool. And I’m getting better at AP’ing from it.
WILD is still a once in a blue moon thing for me though

My SP is getting really weird now. Basically, I wake up, and have the feeling I’m going to get SP. At the time I forget completely about LDing, but afterwards I kick myself and realised I could have WILDed. So anyway.

I get the feeling, so I repeatedly thrash my legs around to try and stop SP. 75% of the time I’m put into SP. When I’m in SP, I don’t get any visual hallucinations, but I get a very obvious tactile sensation. I feel as if some huge, scary creature is on top of my body and begins jumping on me, and then it lays still. It feels uncomfortable because I feel as if my blanket isn’t there, but the creature is. I then get some weird body distortion feelings, and it feels like I’m sitting upright at some points. I breathe rapidly to wake up.

Even though I find it scary, I find it fun at the same time when I feel as if I’m falling. My next step is to remember to try for a LD when I’m in Paralysis.

It seems to me that the blood rushing to your face was just being exited.

SP was never scary for me. I don’t see weird pictures, or hear strange noises. I just feel like I am falling backwards and then into the dream. It’s actually pretty boring -__-

I had an old hag just the other night. The interesting thing was that it wasn’t some horrific monster or menacing ghost, but a young brunette lady who I perceived to be a professor or college administrator, standing at my bedside and berating me for neglecting my work. Still, I was somehow horrified of her and tried desperately to move. When I finally succeeded, she vanished (of course)

Almost every time I wake up by myself (without the help of an alarm, other people, etc) I get SP. It’s happened to me for as long as I can remember. I always hallucinate as well - I always see spiders. When I was a little kid, this terrified me and I’d end up screaming my head off as soon as I could. I’m used to it now. I just watch the spiders until they fade away.
One day there’s going to be an actual spider an inch away from my face and I won’t realize it. x3 That would prolly freak me out a bit.

Hello people !

I never had had a SP before and I’m very happy I hadn’t. I might have one, BUT I am prepared if I do. I read many techniques of how to get rid of SP so I’m not afraid if I want to wake up. For those who are experiencing strange noises things ans stuff like that. Itis because you are stressed out so hard that your mind starts going crazy :content:.

Now if you can’t move and have these things you’ll be shaking in fear. The first thing to do is to CLOSE your eyes and let everything be as it is for about 2 or 3 seconds. Don’t try to do anything. Then in your mind say something like “God, please help me !”. You will feel like you get just a tiny little bit more of courage. Then use that to relax. Just relax and let the nosies and everything you hear be. After a few seconds take HUGE breathings. About 2 or 3 will be enough. Next the feelings the sound and everything will dissapear and you will be able to move. Just be 100% sure about it.

The secret is: Atuosuggestion. If you say it and be 100% sure about it nothing can bother you anymore. Just remember: it is in your mind. The mind belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with your mind, ok ?

Good luck !

PS: you can use these SP’s to have OBE’s. IF you hear, feel or see strange things then you are 99% close to an OBE. For more info, pm me. :smile: (Because I can’t poste here or else the post will seem long and boring)

I have never experienced SP before, but since I have been trying for LD’s lately, I’m terrified of it happening.
My worst fear in the world is aliens or being abducted by them. I rarely have nightmares, but when I do it is ALWAYS about aliens. So I’'m scared that if I end up having SP, it’ll be aliens. And that will most likely send me into a 13 year old heart attack. :bored:
So, are there ways I can prevent SP? And if I do end up getting SP, what would be the best way to calm me down?

Everyone has SP when they fall asleep, it’s just that we usually aren’t aware of it. When practicing WILD we stay aware so we experience it.

Best way to calm down is knowing it isn’t real and that you are moving closer to that lucid dream.

I intentionally didn’t sleep the night before the last one, and even though I was tired as hell I couldn’d sleep even last night, because the moment I fell in my bed I started to feel my body falling asleep and suddenly I was really scared that I’ll get a SP and an old hag D: I have never experienced it and I have no idea why I was so sure I was about to get one…and the more I was thinking about it the more I was sure it will happen >__> I even told myself it won’t be that bad because I know it’s not real and stuff, and that I could get lucid easily, but still… it was like I subconsciously refused to fall asleep because I was so frightened…in case it happens again, help? :sad:
I then went to bed at about 5am and got 4 hours of bad sleep…

Well I guess you just have to make the experience once to see it´s not that bad.
People in the middle ages were very frightened of it because they didn´t know what it is and thought it would kill them or something.
If I was you and would be overwhelmed by the fear of experiencing SP I would just think of something else and just don´t think about it. Think rational about your fear before lying down but make clear to not think about it after you layed down.

I´m not afraid of SP anymore because I had it really often when I was young.
The box on the other side of the room transformed into a monster at least twice a week and if not the flower pot hanging from my ceiling did :content:
Now it almost never happens…

Okay, So I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis
but I was watching a video by Reece Jones on the subject (I dont know if any of you are familiar with his LDing tutorials, He is actually how I found out about LDing)

But I’m just interested to know if any of you have had any freaky experiences,
Kinda to see what I’m getting myself into haha.
Because from what I hear Its bound to happen to me at some point.

Well, [The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part V) :tongue:
But you’re wrong in this regard, SP is a completely optional step if you want it so, I WILD all the time without experiencing any :content: