The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part II

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Call me crazy but I really want to get an old hag experience. I’ve never had an SP in my life, much less and old hag and I am really curious as how it feels.

I might not like it but I really want to know the feeling of getting one. Especially the fear part.

I’d try WILD but I never get to sleep if I do that. I have no idea how you guys do it

This topic flipped me out, I had no idea “the hag” was so common. I have a nice story about her.

A few years ago, before I was having LDs, I woke in what I know now to be SP. I was heavily studying a spiritual course at the time. I thought I was in some sort of mystical place ( so much for the big breakthrough I thought I had) and the Hag was behind me (i sleep on my stomach)she touched the base of my spine and sent a very hot blast of energy through all my chakras and out the top of my head. At the time I thought it was a really special occurance. Thanks for bursting my bubble guys!

Anyway, she isn’t always scary…

Quite right. Your emotions will play a huge role as to what sort of hallucinations will be overlayed on your vision. I’ve come to enjoy SP and am completely, completely relaxed when it kicks in (maybe cos I wait patiently for it to come over me :wink: ) and am starting to have WILDs from it. Even if I don’t dream from it, I still lie there and try to let it last as long as possible. Just try to remain calm, it’s a natural part of sleep (though being aware during it isn’t supposed to happen).

How do you know? Did someone write that down somewhere 2000 years ago or so? :razz:… Perhaps mankind is destined to be lucid :smile:

Okay, I just read about SP on wikipedia (, and now I’m beginning to wonder if LDing is worth going through that. I mean “Impending sense of doom/death”!?! That’s sounds real scary! There aren’t many positive things listed there.

Maybe I’ll just go for MILD?..

Dont let yourself be set back by that. Its the same as someone warning about walking 20 miles “at the end you might get VERRRY hungry and some people even get blisters sometimes”… I mean, it’s not really that bad. Besides that, what happens is largely based upon your expectations, so expect it to be cool and it will be. Remember that nothing really bad could ever happen and you will be all right, even if the hag appears. Just turn her into a hot blonde (or brown…).

Amen, Xetrov. I hope I get SP every night, and usually I do!! It’s been said that WILD is the holy grail of lucid dreaming, and if you get a high level WILD, it indeed is! I use SP as my launchpad for WILD and the dreams that follow are insanely real! Besides, the sounds and sensations are awesome when you’re paralyzed! You’re totally missing out if you’ve never experienced them!

Try for SP. Like Xetrov said, what happens is based on your expectations, or what I like to say it that your emotions affect the overlayed hallucinations. Or, you could just shut your eyes but make sure you keep concious and within seconds to a minute you’ll be in a dream. One moment you’re in bed buzzing and a split second later you’ll probably be out of your bed standing in your room.

Have fun. :smile:

I’ve had SP once, ever, it wasn’t actually that frightening - wasn’t a witch either, it was a man in a long black robe, which put his face in shadow so I couldn’t see it.

That’s exactly what happens to me. When I used to be afraid of it, I would quickly sit up everytime I heard it. But yeah, the best LD’s I’ve had have come from SP. Here’s the sequence of what I do before I get one, if anyone is intrested (most of the time I’m not trying though):

  1. Get to bed about six hours after you usually do. Every single time I’ve gotten it, I remember being on the computer working on something 'till about 6 am.
  2. Not all but about 50% of the time I get it, I’m sleeping somewhere other than the bed. Sometimes on the couch, or in the car, maybe even on the floor.
  3. Everytime I’ve gotten SP I’ve slept on my back.


now that I’ve read this topic I started to be scared about Lucid Dreaming and most of all sleeping on my back. I know it is just my mind making images but I am 100% I would terrified to hell if I would experience a evil-looking old woman SITTING ON MY CHEST, having evil intentions. No matter how unreal it is it’s still scary…

I know that it can only happen when you wake up, not when I go to sleep but still I’ve become more scared at bedtime. Also I feel uneasy when sleeping on my back, thinking that when I wake up I could get the “Old Hag”. This sucks becos I like to sleep on my back…

And also on top of that… because I am afraid of getting the Old hag my mind will probably generate a nightmare of having her or even worse a SP with her.

You say that I should not fear it but that is easier said than done, I can’t control my fears… and I am pretty sure I will get Old Hag at some moment. When that happens should I just close my eyes and relax (or try to relax) or alternatively try to face my fear and talk to her or something? I just want to get this over with…

Oh and if it helps I am at the moment just trying to recall my dreams and so far I have been very succesful in it. Altho this has made me think about dropping the whole thing. If I just hadn’t read this topic I would still be sleeping happily without fearing…


Or you just close your eyes when SP and HI kick in. Then there’s nothing. U fall asleep. Or when u find urself with ur eyes open; with and old hag on ur chest, u r dreaming alrdy.

How about getting to an LD in this state? I heard it’s easy… if someone could give me detailed instructions I would appriciate it a lot.


Edit: Has anyone of you actually talked to the Hag? Would be some very interesting answers I think.

Yes Da_Grunt, getting into an LD from SP is remarkably easy.

Step 1: Visualize yourself (but don’t physically attempt to) rising
from bed or slipping off your bed onto the floor. I’ve never tried it before but feeling yourself sink into your bed also works.

Step 2: When you sense that you have completed step 1 open your eyes and do a reality check.

In my opinion this is the by far easiest way of inducing an LD.

usually when things are supposed to be “scarey” in hallucinations or in my dreams I’m completely like “Yeah whatever” as if it happens all the time or something. It’s rather amusing.

My brother who didnt know anything about this he told me that he lived a this kind of thing , there was that shadow figure , he told me that he felt like it will take his soul because it moved his hand slowly to him.
Im so scared from this , im not afraid to see a witch ( they remind me of cartoons ) but a shadow figure or an alien can scare me. I dont know if i can turn it to another thing , so u thing i can swear at him and beat him? but that would make him more agressive wouldnt it?
I know that i cant close my eyes either. İ really need a plan help me

If you are a spiritual person start praying, any time I get scared I found relying on m faith in a higher power calms me down and the old hag is supposed to be a hallucination so you don’t have to worry so much…lots of people have seen it and survived

thank u , thats what im gonna do i guess.

Ihad it once, and it was horribly frightening. This horrible wolf-man came up to my bed and came up to my face and growled.

Scariest thing I’ve ever experienced, probably.

I just found this article on sleep paralysis which is quite interesting:

I’ve only had it once I think, and it wasnt really scary, just… uncomfortable! I don’t remember having proper hallucinations with it though, just the feeling I was being pinned down and my back was sort of bent… :eek: I wish I’d got a LD from it, but I just had a FA then woke up.

Thats a very interesting article. I like the explanation of the 2 systems that explain old hag attacks, as they say “REM based activation of inner-brain structures that monitor one’s surroundings for threats and launches responses to perceived dangers”, combined with a system that “distinguishes one’s own body and self from those of other creatures”. Together this explains pretty much the dreamed up hag and “the sensations of floating, flying, falling, leaving one’s body, and other types of movement”.

If you come to think of it, it would be logical that the sleeping body would have some automatical mechanism to warn against external dangers, and if this is triggered while still in REM, old hags and aliens might very well pop up…