couple questions

I have looked through much of this stuff, and it looks quite interesting, and the last few nights I have began a dream journal and trying to improve my dream recall ability. I actually had a failed reality test during a dream, but then lost the consciousness that I was dreaming

My questions however are about my concerns. I have read about both OoBE and Sleep Paralysis, seeing that they can be byproducts of lucid dreaming, and I guess that both of them have got me a bit concerned about continueing. Guess I was just asking how big of problems can they be.

IMO as long as you know what they are, there is so reason to be concerned about them. Fear and not knowing what you are experiencing always makes things worse.
Also if you aim to get your LDs through MILD, DILD and WBTB (hover mouse over them to see what they mean) you have the same chance of having SP as a normal dreamer.

(have you read the big sleep paralysis and old hag topics in the stuff of dreams forum? We are upto part III now (Part I :eh: Part II :content: Part III)

SP: great stepping stone to a LD.
OBE: fun, or just a LD, depending on your view on it.

They help actually.

SP actually isn’t bad at all, if you want to try WILD. For one, it’s harmless; we experience SP every night, it’s just that we’re not conscious when this happens.

Of course, the first experience of SP may be a little… startling, but as long as you know what it is and can stay calm, it’s no problem. In fact, for me, it helps distinguish when I’m past the sleep barrier.

As for OBEs, I haven’t had one yet, but I don’t exactly see how it could be scary…


also, last night while trying to get to sleep I was trembling, I felt weird almost like falling, and then seemed to jump. I got up for a bit then went back to bed and fell asleep. Any ideas, or just something not related to this?

sounds like the start of WILD, followed by a myoclonic jerk. A lot of members have posted questions about this in the past just use the search button and look for topics with myoclonic or jerk in them