The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic

this one happened about a month ago…itz also the first time itz ever happedn in my life…

I was sleeping on my back…i never sleep on my back…ever!..someone told me that week that if u sleep on your stomac u will have back problems…so i tryed sleeping on my back…OMG…this was the most scariest experece i ever had in my life…anyway…i woke up! trying to sit up! right way…it was like there was 200 pounds just droped on my chest!..i opened my eyes and there was this scary looking old lady with a raggy shall on…sitting on my stomac staring right at me…her face was inches form mine…she was staring right into my eyes!..with a big smile…she looked like a witch! was the scariest image i’ve ever seen…i closed my eyes right away…and fellback down on my back…i was like…WHAT IS THAT!!!WHO IS THAT!!! AHHH!! I’m my mind…i even let out a little “ahh” when i seen her face!..i couldn’t breathe!!..i was gasping for air with my eyes closed!!..then the weight was liftiign…and i imeadly rolled to my side…i was so scared!!!..i then flciked my eyes open for a sec…and i seen the old laddy sitting on the side of my bed right next to me back on!..when i clsoed my eyes i was like Oh My GOD!!..i keopt them close for a few secs that then i flicked my eyes open again…and there was nothing…i open my eyes again…and there was still nothing…i moved my head up…and looked slowly…nothing…i rolled over onto my back…and looked to the side…nothing…i then took a deep breathe…my heart was about to jump out of my chest!..i tryed to calm down…then i sat up…it was over!..

this happened when i was awake!..i was not asleep…i woke up form a dream…and i did wake up!..and the where an old lady sitting on my chest!.. What the hell was this??? Has it to do with something with my brain not used to me sleeping on my back or something???

i’m now to afraid to sleep on my back any more…this was so weird!!

That Morning i told my mother about it…and she said it called “the old hag”…she said that she has heard stories of this before…abotu ppl sleeping on there back that don’t normaly do and they wake up with and old witch like peron sitting on there chest preventing them from breathing for a few seconds…

You woke up into sleep paralysis and you where having hallucinations. The feeling of the weight is just because of the fact that all of your muscles where so relaxed and that your bloodpressure was so low.

And ‘the witch’ is just your brain filling in missing information. Since it felt like someone was sitting on you the brain created someone sitting ontop of you and because you where scared it just happened to be a witch. If your wheren’t scared you could have seen a beautiful girl sitting on top of you instead of a witch :cool_laugh:

The best way to deal with this is to just relax and the paralysis will go away by itself. The more you struggle the longer it takes for it to go away.

Exactly. All my episodes of SP have been rather mild and without hallucinations. I hope the next one I get has a hallucination with it :smile:

I have a question about this-
Why is it always an old woman? at least in all the stories I’ve heard about this, its always some old hag…

surely different people would have different hallucinations…?

It’s not always women or witches, the “old hag” can be alien too :tongue:

Once I woke up and could barely move, I managed to turn on the light and then I saw an alien standing infront of me.

I haven’t had trouble breathing yet when this have happened to me.

Is it this phenomenon that is called “an Incubus”?

I hope I never get that… Aliens scare the hell out of me…

I mean, not when im awake, during the day… but afterwards if im lying in bed I have to avoid thinking about aliens… lol or else I get scared :sad:

Its just the concept of them I guess… theyre just so… creepy…

Strangely, Im not scared of anything while im active, I can watch the scariest films and not be affected, its just when Im in bed, and its dark… its the only time I can get scared… lol

Can you get pleasant Sleep paralysis hallucinations? and do they seem completely real? If so… it seems amazing that the brain could create things that seem so real, that arent actually there…

Yup. IMO SP hallucinations explain a few of the phenomenons some people talk about including alien abductions, ghosts(maybe?), and Incubus/Succubus

trust me, no you don’t.

so have you NEVER ever EVER, (think hard about this) heard the term “old hag” before, heard ANY stories about sleep paralysis before, ANYTHING, that, out of all thigns you could have seen, would have made a wtich show up?

Do you think about witches at all, watch witch shows, etc… that would make you more likely to imagine a witch than an alien or something?

this has happened to my friend a few times, but usually he cant see the persons face. he told me that he would wake up and the bed would be shaking. im wondering if anyone here has experienced anything similar?

I had the shaking bed thing once. It scared the hell out of me :bored: because I thought it was real. I thought that someone was standing behind the bed and was shaking it. Then after a while I realised that there’s a wall where I thought that the person was standing, then I realised that it was just a dream. But I was still scared as hell :sad:

My hallucination looks like a black shadow! I was terrified when i saw him as a kid, but now I know it’s only SP.

criminal: although I haven’t had any (and I don’t want to :smile: ), I think it looks like a “textbook Old Hag Syndrome” - every symptome was described (- evil person, - weight on your chest, - suffocating).

Great idea! :cool_laugh:

Aliens? Do a search on this forums, a while ago someone posted a link to a site about night alien abductions… fun to read, especially because the author believes in aliens…

one thing i do in the right early morning state is i imagine a girl is straddling on top of me, and pretty soon i go into sp and then right into a dream in my bedroom, and she’s there.

it’s great…

EXCEPT… that… the sex never feels that good.

unfortunately this works with just about everything, so it’s not good to think of things you are afraid of, they might on accident suck you into SP and stuff.

When I had SP the first time I didn’t see anything, just felt a pressence and hands around my neck. I didn’t know anything about SP so it was scary. The more you find out about it, the more control you’ll have over it hopefully.

The bed shaking :eek: I would really hate that. It reminds me of the Poltergeist films I used to watch when I was much too young. They still scare me now.

Those poltergeist movies are some of the scariest movies ever :bored:
I especially remember that clown from the first one, the must be one of the scaries moments in a movie ever :bored:

Why do peopel report that it is difficutl to breath? Are the muscles not making you take in air properly?

I had SP once. But I didn’t see anything, I was just unable to move for a few seconds.

ahh me too. Also the thunder and lightening with that tree outside their bedroom used to scare me. I don’t know how they could look at it :eek: , I would have hidden under the covers.

hi all!..thx for the feedback! :content:

I never think about witchs…and i have never heard about SP before i came to this site…

i’m so glad it was old hag and not an alien image…because if it was an alien i would of had a heart attack!..becasue i sorta believe they are real…i’ve even seen a ufo once…

i’m still afraid to sleep on my back…i never want to experence that again…beucase if i do have it again…i know it will still scare the shit out of me…the feeling i had of not breathing was almost like drowning…i was gasping for air but it was like i wasn’t getting any…man that was one scary experence!..

I thought I would post a dream about alien hags or whatever one could call this dream. It’s my dream btw :grin: