The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III

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A few years ago, I used to be troubled by SP and old hag hallucinations. I woke up, couldn’t move, and there was an eerie black shadow in my room! Sometimes, it would move slowly towards me, while I was paralysed…needless to say, i was terribly scared. It was more common when I woke up than when I was falling asleep.

My brother had the same problem. One night, he had a lucid dream, which was interrupted by that black shadow in his room. This time he had enough. He waited until he could move, and kicked a pillow forcefully in the hag’s direction. He told me the LD the next day, and none of us have ever seen it again.

Recently, my sister has also had periods with more SP than usual because of real life worries. Sleep paralysis is, in my experience, more likely to occur in times of stress or little sleep. I don’t know why so many people get that hallucination, it could be the image of some primal instinct? Maybe it is just a visualisation of fear?

My point is: I can usually remember at least one dream , usually two a night, 365 days a year. The last year I have experienced SP twice. I don’t think it follows lucid dreaming practice. In fact, both my sister and me has had less SP since we started practicing lucid dreaming. The only exception is practicing the WILD induction method, since it sometimes tries to induce SP.

Posting here is a nice first step. :cool: I wish you good luck, and many sweet dreams in the future. Maybe you could even confront the hag in a lucid dream once.

Do you think when you try to wake up and your in the state between of sleeping and waking up its SP ?

Because I experienced strong SP with fearless hallucination and some scary one but I think when you trying to just waking up , just trying to move but coudlnt because your lost again because you want to sleep , is it SP ?

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Before I heard about Lucid Dreaming I heard about Sleep Paralysis. Seemed damn freaky/scary. Lying in bed, paralysed, ‘old hag’ comes on your chest and possibly strangels you…you actually have trouble breathing and sometimes wake up gasping for air.

First of all how common is SP? How related to LD is it? I hear it is somewhat a path or side-effect to LD. I honestly am not al l that up to having an expirience like that just to be able to be concious in dreams.

Second, does having Sleep Paralysis nessecarially mean you will have this expirience with old hag?

Thanks again in advance. :smile:

SP is actually ratehr common nad are often induced by LDs. But its really not that big of a deal. yhe shure it was one of the most terrefying things i have ever experienced. But now i dont think i would b anny scared at all.

But seriously LDing is definetley worth a SP!!!

And its not even shure you will have one.

SP happens every night you sleep. Every single night. I don’t think it’s terrifying at all. In fact, I tried to induce SP last night (which I did; don’t ask me why I wanted to, 'cause even I don’t know…).

But SP is probably only scary if you don’t know what’s happening.

I’ve never had Old Hag. It’s not exactly common, and even if you do, it’s not always a scary experience. Above all, remember it’s all in your head.

Heck, I didn’t have SP until about a month or so after LD’ing…

SP is FUN and GOOD when it comes to lucid dreaming. You’re able to get into dreams easier when you WILD. I’ve never had Old Hag, personally. As long as you remember it’s all in your mind, nothing can scare you. :smile:

If you’d like, there’s lots of info on SP here.

Thats reassuring. :wink: Nah but that helps guys, thanks for the replies. That other thread helps alot, too. My fault for not searching.

I had my first experience with Sleep Paralysis two nights ago. I had heard about Old Hag and all that from this website but I started looking up a whole lot of information about it that day and what do you know I got one. I heard it was really scary so I was so paranoid to get one that I acutally got it. When it happened I knew immediately what was going on so I just tried really hard to stay calm and everything was okay. However, I was too concerened with what had just happeend to do much with my lucidity. It’s kind of a shame.

Funny thing I was watching last week about some Japanese doctor doing research on “sleep paralysis” they had another name for it. But based on what they were saying, what we call sleep paralysis, someone else calls Old Hag, the Japanese call it something else and so on. I wish I remember the name of the show.

They were actually saying that people who have reported being abducted by aliens were actually suffering from sleep paralysis or old hag.

Yes, I’ve heard about that. I read somewhere that what before were werewolves and boggarts are now reapers and aliens because the meaning you give to what you see is cultural. I wonder why people have this specific kind of hallucination so frequently…

In Japan it is called the “Kanashibari” phenomenon. :smile:

It seems, according to statistics, that japanese are more likely to experience it frequently than other people in the world. Someone I know who writes about SP says it could come mostly from their food and their sleep schedule ( they sleep a lot less at night than others and do naps quiet often )

It was the case of DM7 on the forum. She believed she was abducted by aliens until she discovered the definition of SP.

I found recently another Old Hag in Zanzibar island: it’s called the popobawa. It only attacks people who… don’t believe in popobawa! :happy:

What if a guy believes popobawa and has an SP? Aliens? :eh:

I responded to this once before but somehow the post disappeared.

I’m not quite sure if you’re joking Bruno. But from the show I watched and their investigations.

SP=Old Hag=Popobawa=Alien Abduction

If I understood correctly, they are just called different things depending on where in the world you are.

I was wondering what happens if a person believes popobawa and still sees popobawa (read: has an Old Hag)… How would they explain it?

The other people who believe in popobawa probably say that the people who see the popobawa didn’t truly believe in popobawa. Popobawa!

I still don’t understand your question. Popobawa is the Old Hag. Although, the actual appearance is different, it presents itself in the same way as SP and Old Hag, etc…

My guess is that they would use their own terminology to describe it.

ive only experienced waking up during sleep paralysis once, and it was right after i stopped using drugs and got clean. i was having all of these wicked vivid dreams.

anyway, i didnt see an old hag. i saw a swirling cloud of demon spirits trying to take my soul. i couldnt think of what to do except rebuke them in the name of jesus. which seemed to work even though at that time i wasnt really a christian any longer. i was so terrified i slept with a bible on my chest for the next few nights :scared:

then i started learning about lucid dreams and i was like…oh. sleep paralysis. heh. good one. now i kind of wish i experienced it more often :content:

Tonight I just understood why I always had so many SP during my childhood and my all life. :eek:

It seems that some food elements like this one : … ing6es.jpg

" made from the natural extract of pure vegetable proteins. Made in China, this sauce features a distinctive flavor and aroma, which adds zest and depth to soups, salads, and vegetables with just a few dashes. An excellent sauce for marinating, stir-frying, and dipping, M****® Seasoning is made naturally without any food preservatives."

…contains a lot of monosodic glutamate, which has a major influence on the melatonine regulation during sleep, and ergo can induce SP. :happy:

I use a lot of that in my food, so that could explain it.

Links : … t=Abstract

I don’t have much trouble inducing SP, but I have trouble maintaining it. Any advice on staying in a state of SP for more than ten seconds or so?