The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III

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When I was about three I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an old hag standing above me. She looked like a witch and was shaking me and leaning on my chest. I was terrified because I thought I was awake. That is my first and so far only time I have expeirenced that. SP I get often whwn I wake up in the morning. I used to be scared of it because I thought I was going to suffocate, but now I look forward to it so I can use it to get a WILD. Any good ways to induce it? :confused:

SP is fun in most cases for me. ^^ It means I can go ahead and slip into the lucid state very easily and have some fun! :cool_laugh:

Well, I’ve yet to experience SP while falling asleep. I’ve never really tried WILD, though. I would have gone for it while I was experiencing SP that one night, but I had just awoken from a dream that I needed to write down. I was afraid that if I fell right back asleep, I’d forget the other dream.

I believe the three main methods are to
a. roll out of ‘your body’ to free yourself in your dream
b. pull yourself up using an imaginary rope
c. attempt to create some dream HI to step into

If you browse around the forum you should find some detailed posts about it. :boogie: (may be even in this topic)

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hey everyone
hope all is well and enjoying themselves on the quest to lucid dreaming anyway… i am…
i seen the old hag a couple of years ago, all that happened was i felt awake, and looked at the end of my girlfriends bed, of whom i was sleeping with at the time, and seen a black figure crouch over the bed and stare at me for about 20 seconds, i wasnt scared, infact felt no emotion to this, and after the 20 seconds i simply lay back and went to sleep, it wsnt until the next morning that i really came to terms with what had happened…weird but to me thats wat old hag is, i swore it was a ghost at the time, but i think old hag, this never returned, hope this helps

lol :razz:
I was reading up on the brain the other day because I got bored (very interesting, I very much recommend it :grin: and read about dreaming and how the brain works. Now before, I thought that sleep paralysis was only a result of Lucid Dreaming, but now I have read that you get sleep paralysis in the same way from normal dreams…:confused:
does this mean that sleep paralysis is a common thing and that we experience it frequently?

Yes, all of us experience sleep paralysis every night. The brain does this to stop us from acting out our dreams. We just don’t actually feel it very often because it usually sets in after we fall asleep and goes away before we wake up. :content:
Waking up with SP for example, could happen no matter if you were having an LD or a ND, since it happens every time we dream.

Kudos to Kenneth, great post. ^^

SP always happens when we dream, no matter whether it’s a normal night of NDs or some WILDing. It’s all in noticing that it’s happening. You never really pay attention until something forces you to.

For example: The phrase, ‘my bad’, may be rarely heard, but if I tell you to actually look for it you’ll hear it all iver the place.

Funny, eh? ^^

You may find as you are performing WILD and in general practising lucid dreaming that you may ocassionally be aware during sleep paralysis.

I get SP all the time. At least 3 times a week. It’s kind of annoying, and I always find myself on my back (I never sleep on my back)

I had an extremely intense hallucination during my first SP. My entire room became some kind of demonic underworld. I heard ghostly voices and there was a very loud “sucking” noise the whole time, like howling wind mixed with movie sound effects, you know?

anyway it was really crazy. And everything faded away as I came out of the paralysis. I think it was pretty cool even though I felt a bit of fear. :smile:

I see… thanks :happy:

Yeah, I’ve experienced that too.I couldnt move and saw shadows moving and strange voices howling around the room. Hypnagogic Imagery + Sleep Paralysis can be quite scary if you dont know whats happening :smile:

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I am new to these forums as of 5 minutes ago, so please excuse my ignorance, but I am getting desperate for help. This SP happens to me every night without fail. I cannot move for the life of me, yet I know I’m not dreaming because I’m right where I was before I laid down and the same show is still on T.V ect…An overwhelming sense of fear overcomes me. I don’t know why or what there is to be afraid of. As far as the witch that I’ve read a bit about. I don’t see anything like that, but I do see other things- for example I heard something moving around in the branches of my plant in the corner, and another time I heard someone walking around on my front porch and knocking at my door. I tried so hard one time to move that I was grinding my teeth so hard that I actually chipped one. This only started a couple months ago. Anyone know what brings this on?? It happend for the first time with my wife lying beside me the other night. The worst time this happens is when my 5 month old son is sleeping on my chest, I mean what if he starts crying or needs something, and for christ’s sake I can’t even move. At the same time though I thought that when this happens I am actually dreaming or having an out of body experience because for example one time that it happend- I was lying down on the couch in the living room, I couldn’t move but I could see into the kitchen, which just isn’t physically possible unless i can see through walls. That was what made me think maybe an out of body experience. When I tried to do that again though (moving around out of my body or trying to see into other rooms) it didn’t work. I am now conviced it is just SP. Why is this happening to me every night and why do I also feel so afraid. Someone please help…

Hey coffee… :smile:

What you experienced is, indeed, SP. SP is most of the time associated with fear, mainly because the one who experience it does not know what is going on. Don’t worry, nothing can hurt you… :smile:

Ones can see a bunch of different kind of hallucinations, in a big majority people hear or sense an evilish presence.
Stress can increase the frequency of SP, sleeping with light on as well. There is some things you can do to decrease this frequency. Try to sleep in an usual position ( sleeping on your back may be triggering SP ), do not leave any lights on when going to bed, and don’t be affraid, the more you’ll be affraid, the more you will likely have SP.

Don’t worry, what happens during SP is all dream, even though it seems so realistic. Further more, an external stimuli makes SP disappear almost right away. IF your baby cries when you have an SP, you will get out of it immediatly.

That makes me think it is actually a dream.

I don’t know why, and maybe you shouldn’t see this as a plague but as an opportunity to get a lucid dream every time it hapopens. It ain’t easy but with a little practise, considerig you have a lot of SP ) you may make progress very quickly…

Agree, well said.
Additionally- see if anything changes during the summer when you get lot more of the sun.SP is said(in theory only so far) to be effect of lowered amount of some hormones (lower than others,not low as dangerous).
Take a look around here,there are a lot of interesting posts about SP.
Good luck!:slight_smile:

Hi cofee! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

What you experienced is SP. I merged your topic into the BIG SP/Old Hag topic in the hope you’ll find there many others accounts about this phenomenon. :smile:

I believe what cofee experienced was a type of SP, however the ability to see things which are not physically possible is consistent with some stages of OBE. This ability has been documented by Monroe and Robert Bruce (I think). They mention the ability to “extend” your vision, but also your limbs. I have read that it is possible to extend your arms around corners, down staircases etc like plasticman, in this state. Maybe you could try that next time? In the early stages of deliberate OBE’s you will feel that it is not possible to move your physical body, and I believe this is the same as SP. I wouldn’t be worried about neglecting your baby, because if you sensed any kind of distress of the baby, or danger, you would immediately regain consciousness and be ready to act. :smile:

Well i’m glad i’ve come across this forum!

I first experienced SP two years ago, and it scared the crap out of me. I thought I was being attacked by…and don’t laugh (too hard)…my demon fan!!! (as in electric fan):`(

Well two years later, I’ve started back experiencing SP (since last week) every single night, and it’s only when my standing fan is on. Since nobody around me knew about SP, I just believed that there was something really “ooga booga” going on.

I am 3 months pregnant so I was wondering if it had anything to do with that, but after doing my research I really don’t think so anymore.

One night I woke up, ofcourse unable to move or speak, and opened my eyes just wide enough to see the room glowing red. Due to my wonderful memory I can’t remember whatelse happened. That was last Friday.

Since then I have had very vivid SP episodes where the fan was actually talking to me and I tried to make friends with it…(you know it all made sense then hehe)…the fan then morphed into a plastic human and was kneeling down next to me resting its head on my legs. I remember trying to stick my toungue out at it and actually getting about a third of it out.

Thankfully I have horrible eye sight (-11 to be exact) so when I see these things they are not crystal clear and full of detail. I think this is the first time I’m happy that I’m so blind :grin:

Last night it happened twice, but since googling SP (tgfG) :grin:, I’ve had practically no fear about this. I was hearing a baby crying, it should have freaked me out, but I thought “yeh yeh, this is the part where the sound kicks in” and brushed it off. I felt like a good little soldier :wiske: .

My only query is, why does this only happen when my fan is on?..I’ve been sleeping with a fan on for years (since my ac got sabotaged ages ago). It just baffles me. I’ve also been a lot more stressed out and tired before, and have had no problems.

I wish I could find an explanation so that I can stop giving my fan funny looks. :neutral:

It could be the noise… you are keeping focused on the sound while going to sleep and so remain aware when entering the usual SP that happens every night.