The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 44

Hi everybody. New here, just thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m 43 years old, and had my first lucid dream about eight to ten years ago, not too long after seeing a program on television about the subject. My very first LD was by far the longest and most intense one I’ve ever had, though a couple of others have come close. I was so much in control, that I was able to stop and think about what the actual date was, guess the time of night, and even guess what position my body was lying in while still remaining 100% in the dream. The entire thing lasted for a good 10 minutes or more, and I found I could do almost anything I could think of.

It was a long time until I had my second, and several years before there was any kind of regularity at all. Now I typically LD about once a week, though it is usually no longer than 30 seconds. Only occasionally do I get a really deep and lasting one, maybe up to 5 minutes or so if I’m lucky.

I’ve talked to many friends and family members about it, but hadn’t really thought that there might be a community out there somewhere where people exchange ideas and experiences. So here I am. You guys seem friendly enough so far. :smile:


:wave: hello Moinsquerien (or should I say Potan :wink: ) … it seems odd welcoming you since I know you well from WG 28 :wolf:

and then you will get lots of wolfgame dreams :yes:

:welcome: hello skysaw :happy:

have you more details? it would be good if you could post it into our “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum. :thumbs:

Are they entered into from waking? or do you become lucid in the dream itself? There are ways to stabilise the dream … rubbing your hands together, using commands, focusing on the texture of something etc
/me spots your age and spams the Are you 30 years or older topic :hyper: (there is a link in my signature :happy: )


I usually enter them from within dreams, most often by noticing something is not behaving properly. I only recently learned about hand-rubbing, and have so far used it once with great success!

Link followed and taken advantage of. :smile:

Hey everyone, im new in the LD4all forums, just thought i would introduce myself…

Im Fleep (Phil) and im 16 from the UK.

I found out about LD’ing by browsing the internet (i can’t remember it exactly - it will become obvious that i have the memory of a cheese sandwich! :eh: ) and this was the first site i found on LD’ing.
I found it really interesting and i think i have become obsessed! :content: Dreams are really interesting and i would love to LD it sounds so fun and exciting!

Look forward to chatting to everyone about LD’ing, im so glad i found this site :grin:


Hi everybody, I’m also new here as you can see and I’m from sweden, yay. So my english might not be all perfect :smile:

The reason i found this forum was that I was googling around after some help for a slight problem that I’ve got.

I’m suffering from something I believe is called SP, Sleep Paralysis?
Sometimes when i go to sleep i kinda wake up in the middle of the night (I think), in my bed. However, there are some strange noises and it feels like something or somebody’s watching me and it feels like forces pulling me in every direction. Hard to explain. I also hear strange noises like whisperings, footsteps running, babies crying and other strange things. The worst thing is that I can’t move and i can’t scream or anything. This can be quite scary sometimes and it’s really hard to wake up from it aswell. I have to close my eyes and start shaking my head really hard and say to myself, “WAKE UP”.

Does anyone know what this is and how do I get rid of this nightmares or whatever it is? Please give me some good advice.


:welcome: hello Fleep and jompa99 :grin:
I’m glad LDing caught your interest Fleep :content: … but before starting to use LDing techs you should improve your general dream recall first :yes: so i recommend that you start keeping a dream journal :smile: to record your dreams … I know it sounds boring but remembering weird normal dreams can be fun :smile:
I can’t wait until you post to tell us all about your first LD :hyper:

jompa99, there is an extensive topic about SP in the stuff forum Sticky: The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III … as you can see there are two previous topics too. So you will find a lot of information there :thumbs:

the worse thing is the fear! you just have to realise that none of it is real and it will pass … it might even be possible to re-enter a dream lucidly from this state.

Hello all,

I am new here and I just wanted to say hello to all of you amazing souls.

I had my very first LD yesterday afternoon. It was amazing. I used the MILD technique and it actually worked. giggle

Wow…so here’s to many more adventures!!

Hello, all,

I’ve been dabbling in hypnosis and other stuff related to altered states of consciousness for a few years now and thought it was about time to work seriously on lucid dreaming, since I’ve tried before but never quite passed the pre-lucid phase. As a writer, I’m hoping LD could help me see my creations in a new way …

Sadly, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep for a long time, which is one of the reasons I took up meditation in the first place, then learned about hypnosis and LD. My sleep isn’t usually sound, and gets interrupted throughout the night even with nothing wrong in the room (light, noise, etc.) There’s no medical condition to explain it, it’s just a matter of not being able to stop thinking.

Making it all the way to lucidty may be a challenge, so I’ve joined this community. I’m hoping that becoming active at LD4All will make some kind of subconscious impression so I become more likely to realize I’m dreaming. I find that I’m relatively good at remembering my dreams after a day or three of trying, so that’s one advantage. I already have a journal I keep, so I just need to remember to write down dreams in it.

Thanks for having me!

:welcome: Sharpe!

Hypnosis is a good thing for LD’s, in my opinion.

:wave: hello skyshimas and Sharpe :grin:

:yay: congratulations :yay:
I hope you share the details with us in the big “My First LD collection” in the dream diary forum :hyper:
:smile: it’s a really odd feeling the first time you really find yourself fully aware in a dream :spinning:
/me wonders if skyshimas will visit the “Are you 30 years of older” topic :peek:

:wave: Sharpe, having slightly disturbed sleep may help you with WBTB and chaining dreams.
There is a choosing your technique topic in the quest forum and it is also copied into the knowledge base … it will help you decide which method may work best for you :smile:

Hey everyone!
I was always quite interested in dreams, plus we used to talk about dreams often in my family. Somehow I got to know about the whole concept of lucid dreaming and it really fascinated me. I love my normal dreams and it’s great that now I have the motivation to remember them and write them down, because they often are an important source of inspiration for me.

I like this forum very much and I guess almost everything that I know about lucid dreaming, I know from this forum. I’ve been reading the posts here for quite a while and thought that now it is time to reveal myself :smile:

It’s just that now that there are holidays I want to intensively work on my dream recall and try to induce lucid dreams, so I hope that posting here will help me to keep up the motivation. I had a very short lucid dream this year when I seriously started working on getting a lucid dream, but I quickly lost control…and then I had so much things occupying me in life, that I abandoned dreaming. But now I’m starting again, more motivated.
Also I would like to discuss the things that I experience, like the weird sleep paralysis I had last night…oh well, I guess that’s for another topic!

I am sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue. :smile:


:wave: hello Selena :grin:
you must know us all quite well after a year of just reading :content:
it’s always great when ex lurkers decide to join in and post :yay:

will you be posting this into our big “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum? :eh: I would love to read it

That is ok :smile: You can type it very well and I would not have guessed unless you had told me.

I hope you enjoy LD4all, there are a lot of friendly people and some crazy ones in the playground :wink:

OF course Quest for lucidity is really good for help (I post there once in a blue moon) and some experienced members visit regularly to help out starters.

Enjoy your stay :smile:

Hi, I’m Charles, most like to call me See Kay, short for Chuck.
I was originally referred here by a friend years back (I forgot his forum name), but I decided to come back here after I had more encounters to talk about. Although I used to read your threads, I never posted yet until today. Nice to meet everyone :content:

Welcome… See Kay.
I hope you’ll be telling more about your “encounters” to us :tongue: :welcome:

My name is Patrick, but I like to go by Alois. I found this forum while researching some things on LD. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid, but when I got older and stopped having them all together it wasn’t until then did I figure out what they were called. I also didn’t know that people didn’t do this naturally to begin with. Albeit, I still want to get back in touch with my dream world and to see what potentials lies in waiting for me to discover there. I already have some questions, but those are best left asked elsewhere.
Nice to meet you all, I look forward to getting to know you all.


Hello, I’m new here.

I’ve known about the existence of lucid dreams for a while, but I always thought that they were something that only happened to very lucky people and at random. I found a link to the wikibook on lucid dreaming while browsing some sights and I found myself absorbed immediately. Since then I’ve been keeping a dream journal, practicing many techniques, and thinking about dreams a lot during the lucid hours.

Just the exercise has been a wonderful experience for me already. My dream recall has increased dramatically already. It’s also been a strong motivation to actually get to sleep at a reasonable hour, since in the past I’ve tended to only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep on a typical day.

After I read the wikibook a few time, I explored some of the external links and found this site. I was very impressed by the wealth of information in the main site and in these forums.

I’m looking forward to being a member of this community(as well as hopefully actually having a lucid dream or two in time :tongue: ). It’s nice to meet you all.

Thanks for the welcome and hey to everyone else that has just joined :content: :welcome:

I have had no luck in anything else as of yet but i have got a better dream re-call already and im keeping a DD :happy:
Can’t wait till my first LD either and thanks! :grin:


:welcome: hello Alois and umbrus, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

Alois … it may be an idea to put Alois as your rank or your username otherwise you may end up being called RRS :wink:
Since you experienced LDs when you were younger it should be quite easy to get them again :thumbs: esp since you can learn about techniques to induce them now :smile:

/me wishes umbrus good luck on his lucid quest :thumbs:
even if it takes a while, they are always worth the effort :boogie:

I also found this site through wikibook on lucid dreaming… it seems like they are bringing you guys a lot of attention, lol! But really, this is an awesome site and forum.