What was this all about?

About 7yrs ago i was living in Cornwall ,anyway- one night i had fallen asleep and was woken up by a young girl in the early hours of the morning(the place i was staying had an open door policy and was used in the daytime as a meeting place called the Starship Gaia)The girl came in and warned me that i should not sleep there that night.I threw some clothes on and ran out to try and get some more info but she had disappeared.I decided then to go back to bed and just get my head down,a bit later i awoke to a presence in the room and just peeped out of my sleeping -bag to see what it was- a human figure made out a matrix of red fibres :cool_laugh: initially i felt a little scared but managed to calm myself and just watched as the figure approached,it moved slowly toward my feet and then merged with me.The next thing i can remember is waking up in the morning :confused:

Most probably it was a FA and HI. :smile:

Thanks for your input Wushan :wink: I know i woke up 100% because i went looking for the girl round the streets of Penzance and had a drink before going back to sleep about an hour later. :wink: :smile: .

It was probably just HI then, maybe the beginning to WILD?

Next time I think you should listen to the young girl! :tongue: That didn’t help too much, did it? Well how about this… It actually sounds like a version of Old Hag, sans the sleep paralysis bit. Maybe the girl was real (who knows her reason), and her message freaked you out a bit and led to an Old Hag type of dream.

Or maybe they were both some sort of weird interdimensional beings… :angel: :devil:

Or maybe the girl was a hallucination… :wow:

I could go on and on… But I don’t think anyone can really tell you for sure what it was. The Starship Gaia? Nevermind, I won’t ask… :tongue:

wow thats kinda…creepy. You don’t know whether she was real or not? This would haunt me for weeks… :scared:

Hi Roger13,

I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand your story. :shy: As you don’t precise when you were asleep, when you weren’t, what was real and what was a dream, I’m afraid that we can’t answer you by any interesting opinion. :wink:

[color=darkblue]I agree with what everyone else has said. Sorry, I would normally give my suggestion but it’s too late and I’m tired! An interesting story though.

I like Cornwall. We used to go just about every summer. A six hour drive though…[/color]

I was sound asleep till woken by the girl, then awake for approximately 1hr.i then went back to sleep only to be awoken later by the presence…i can usually make sense of my dreams/experiences but on this occasion i can’t or havn’t yet.It’ll come to me sooner or later !

I agree too with Wushan and dunlar. You must have been impressed by what the girl said to you (or else you wouldn’t have noticed it in your post :wink: ). But it’s not really important by the way.

What happened to you next is likely to be a sort of FA. In some of them, you have quite the same quality of consciousness than in waking life. And in some of them, you can experience Old Hag-like dreams too. If you can’t remember what happened next but you waking up in the morning, it means that if was a dream, anyhow.

[color=darkblue]The old hag is synonymous with SP…

Not being comfortable in this particular environment after the warning and the fact that it is not you usual sleeping space would have led to a light sleep.

The girl probably also had some emotional effect on you.

Strong feelings + change can lead to vivid and strange dreams. At least for me…[/color]

No indeed, it’s not really synonymous, old hag is a severe form of SP trouble with hallucinations. You can have SP without Old Hag, it’s the most common.