The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 44

What can I say but a big Hi to all of you. Anyway, having lucid dreams got me interested in this forum.

Lucid Dream # 1:
Back at the days when I was in elementary. In my dream, I was standing there talking about video games with my classmate. I realized that school is out and ask myself why I’m in this place. I turned to my dream classmate next to me and ask him “Is this a dream?”. He told me it was and I pretty much controlled that dream(altering the school grounds)until I woke up.

Lucid Dream # 2:
This is the most controlled dream I ever had. I was sleeping one night and it just popped in my head that I was just dreaming. Realizing that I was dreaming consciously. I woke up and straightened myself and wondered with disbelief. I laid down again and told myself “The next time I close my eyes, the first thing I would do in my dream is lift my hand.”. I did close my eyes and to my suprise, I was dreaming and lifting my hands in the dream world, talking to dream characters and jumping in heights. I woke up again for the second time. Feeling very excited, I close my eyes again and there I was, dreaming again and controlling everything.

Well, thanks for reading! I’m sure going to practice this lucidity.

Hey all,

I’m glad I found this website. The website and you all have been helping me out with lucid dreaming. I actually had a lucid dream last night. But it only lasted for about a minute. But it was pretty exciting to know I had one! I’m looking forward to learning and sharing. See ya! -DW

:welcome: hello Mark Daniel and DreamerWolf

Mark, I was going to move your post into the DJ forum … but a fellow mod beat me to it and moved you into the hi i’m new topic instead :tongue:
So feel free to repost them in your own dream diary in that forum if you wish :grin:
I’m sure you will enjoy being a LD4all member it’s a great forum :yay:

:yes: LDs are always awesome :happy:
congratulations :thumbs:
I’m pleased to see that you have started a DJ already :smile:

Hello! I actually just found this site today, I had happened to see a yahoo discussion question about how to have lucid dreams and it caught my attention. This website was posted on one of the responses and so far I’ve found it very interesting. I am one of those people that rarely remember my dreams but I can say that I’ve had the excitement of experiencing one lucid dream a while back. It was very interesting and since it was my first lucid dream, I didn’t really know what to do as far as trying to control it. I haven’t had another one since, but at the same time, I haven’t really tried. Finding this website today has brought my interest back so I’m going to start a dream journal and do what I can to remember my dreams and hopefully have some more lucid dreams. Something else I found interesting while reading up on lucid dreams was Sleep Paralysis (SP), which I have also experienced and which was a pretty creepy experience at the time, but now I think I wouldn’t mind going through it again because they say it could be a pathway to lucid dreaming. :smile: Has anyone here experienced SP? i would love to hear others experiences and i’ll probably share my own in another posting. This one’s long enough as it is… Well, to finally introduce myself, I am a 20 year old female, soon to be a senior at a Cal State University (going for a BA in Psychology), and I work the graveyard shift, which means sleeping for me is difficult in the first place, but I’m still gonna try to do what I can with this lucid dreaming. Well, I look forward to reading everyone’s comments and experiences and hope to have plenty of my own! Take care everyone and good luck with your dreaming goals! :smile: Later!!

Hello and welcome Little Rebel Angel :content: Its nice to meet you! :handshake: Dream journals are a real help so its good your going to start using one. SP can be pretty freaky :sad: but its not too bad. I hope you enjoy the LD4all forum! :yes:

:wave: hello Little Rebel Angel :happy:

:smile: well you have had one LD in the past so you know it is possible and that you personally can experience a LD :yes:
:content: keeping a dream diary should really improve your recall quite rapidly :smile: and then you will be able to start using techniques to induce LDs :wiske:

We do have a sticky topic about SP in the stuff forum you can find it here link

I look forward to reading your future posts :grin:

walks in

Well hello there, I am new here! I still haven’t had an LD yet but I will soon (hopefully) :happy:

Hullo. I’m to new here, the only Ld’s i can remember are the ones from my childhood. A friend told me to check this site out and I can’t say how glad i’m for that tip. Right now i’m well on my way to remember my dreams and checking the reality from time to time. Over and Out

/me shakes Un1T’s hand and welcomes him to LD4all :happy:
remember to check out the choosing your technique topic (the original is a sticky topic in the quest forum … but it is also pasted into the knowledgebase :wiske: ) it will help you decide which method is the most likely to work for you

AlmostATree … I noticed your name at the top of the forum and thought it was a big coinidence, since we are hoping to do a silly anything goes wolfgame in the playground forum … and the gms are threatening to give the role of tree to a player :tongue: (link to topic)
I read your first LD (link to post ) and it seems to be a common experience to just wake yourself up when a child becomes aware of the dream during a nightmare :eh:
It’s a shame lucid dreaming isn’t more well known since it seems a bit of a waste :sad:
anyway with your past childhood experiences you should get the ability to LD again in no time :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy your time spent on LD4all :smile:

Hey everyone!

I first heard about LD’s a couple days ago, and after reading a little bit, I eventually found myself here.

I have a feeling that it won’t be too hard to get my first LD, as I have realized I was dreaming several times before, but this site has made my mission seem 1000x easier.

Glad to be here:)

Hi, I’m new here :smile:

Well, to the forum at least… I knew (and visited) the site a couple of years ago, but now I thought I’d join in on the talk :content:

I’ve been recalling my dreams and trying to become lucid in them for 5 weeks… and I’ve now got a grand total of 2 seconds worth of a LD.

Maybe I’ll have some more luck tonight!

:welcome: hello Julespeak and Sakayume, it’s great to have you here :smile: I hope you both enjoy being part of the LD4all community :grouphug:

:yay: that’s good to hear :thumbs:

:happy: I’m glad you decided to come back and even register at the forum this time :smile:

Hi, I’m new here!

I like vampires! :bat:

:welcome: patarak

if you like vampires you should definitely play Vampire Game!


Nifty to find this forum. Thanks to the creators, and hello to all of you.

I’ve been interested in dreams forever. It started out as a deconstruction and analysis of all my dreams, and then budded into wanting to control them. I tried this late last year with some success. My first LD was all of two seconds. I became lucid, the world becam razor-sharp and vibrant, and I had just enough time for the awareness of the LD to set in before I woke myself up with the excitement of it all.

The next was maybe 10 seconds, and I woke myself up the minute I made anything happen.

Then, for some reason, I have lost it. No lucid dreams in over a half year. I wonder if it’s something I might be doing wrong, or if these lapses occur?

Anyway, I hope to get something out of reading the forum, and I’ll try to contribute when I’ve got something worthy to share.

Nice to meet you all!

This is the obligatory intro post.


My name is Matt, I’m 22 and I live in Oklahoma. I’ve been having lucid dreams since I was around 14 years old. I am very proficient at controlling them and I am a very frequent dreamer so I get a lot of practice. Dreaming is something I hold very dear as it’s one of the most amazing things I experience in life.

I’m about to go to sleep at the moment so I’m sure we’ll talk more later!


:welcome: hello Patarak :bat: , machei and polyzelf :grouphug:

/me thinks Patarak may become out next vampgame and wolfgame addict :content:
a side effect of playing is that you could get more vampire dreams :wink:

The early LDs are often prematurely ended due to excitement … but they do get longer and more stable with experience.
Dry spells do occur, the important thing is to remember everytime you go to sleep that it is a new opportunity to become lucid :thumbs: What technique were you using? And did you use WBTB too … using WBTB really increases the chance of getting a long LD :content:

hello polyzelf, since you are an experienced LDer you may enjoy our lucid adventures forum and esprecially our current quest … ~ Quest for this Moon: Enter a videogame ~

Alright, I’ve known about lucid dreaming for, oh… two years now, and have been working on it half-assedly during that time. I’ve had a little success, but believe me, I want to be better at it! I know I can be, too, as although I haven’t had many lucids, a few of them were REALLY intense and memorable. I know what I’m capable of; I’m just running into some problems… That’s why I’m here!

I’ve been a member of DreamViews, under the name Richter, but quite honestly, I think the masters there are getting a bit sick of me asking the same questions over and over! I’ll still be a member, but my role will become more of a “lucid helper”. I may not be good at LDing, but I know TONS about it.

So, hi all, and glad to be here. I hope I can help some would-be LDers around, and hopefully I can get some help and finally LD and recall dreams as much as I’d like to!

I do try to remember that. And yeah, I try to get in the right headspace as much as I’m able. I recall the dreams all the time, and afterward I can see places where I’d have had a perfect opportunity for an ‘aha!’ moment, but for some reason I don’t clue in. For example last night I dreamt among other things that I was looking at a menu above a counter. If I’d looked at it more than once, I would have certainly noticed the words were wrong, but I just didn’t. It’s sorta frustrating… even when I know what I need to do, I don’t do it. :smile: But, I will keep at it. I want to have more, and longer.

Up to now, I’ve been using MILD and DILD pretty much exclusively. I find that looking at words or numbers is the best way so far… it’s how I’ve initiated both LDs I’ve had. So I do reality checks as much as I can.

WBTB is something I do without even trying. I’m susally up once in the night, and I use that time when falling back to sleep to try to talk my way into a LD, but it’s never worked.

I guess I just need to keep at it.

Thanks for your reply!