Help .. I Can't wake up..

Well first of all I’m new here and am trying to find some outlet to explain the dreams/nightmares I’ve been having more and more recently. I’m sorry if this is too much detail but I’m desperate for any clues as to what or why this is happening.

Originally I would have these dreams maybe once a month where in the dream something was scaring me to the point I would be yelling at myself to wake up and the only thing I could remember is feeling as if I was literally screaming at myself to “wake up it’s just a dream”. In my dreams I would be laying in my bed sleeping, trying to pinch myself or physically trying to pry my eyes open. When I finally did wake up it was if nothing had happened just this overwhelming fear but I didn’t know of what.

Just a couple weeks ago on vacation I had the same dream but this time it was as if every single detail of what was truly happening in the room while I was sleeping was going on in my dream. I could hear my father snoring in the other room, I could hear the TV. In this dream it was as if someone was pushing down on my back and I couldn’t break free to see what it was, In the dream I was thrashing around to the point of falling off the bed… And again the freakiest part is that when I was doing all this in the dream it was every detail of the room as if it really happening. In the dream I started screaming for my dad to wake me up… It was as if I was laying there and screaming so clearly “dad please try and wake me up” over and over again but I felt like it was all mumbles… Again I went to the point of trying to pinch my arms… Squeeze my hands… Pry my eyes… Whatever I could do that I thought would wake me up… Then when I finally did wake up everything was just as it was in the dream but totally calm and I never was able to wake my dad up.

Last night I fell asleep on the phone with a friend and apparently he did to. When I fell asleep the Christmas lights were on and a DVD start screen was on my monitor. In my dream it started off again with someone pushing down on me and this time being in my own bed that’s exactly where I was in my dream with the same start screen on the DVD the same lights on … This time I was being pushed down so hard I had squirmed myself up against my wall and I could actually taste blood in my mouth for biting my lips or tongue. I again struggled against whatever force this was pushing on me… All of a sudden I was in a totally different room and running for my life towards a door, when I got through the door I ended up in the arms of someone who was trying to hurt me… Just as quick as that happened I was dreaming back in my bed but again trying to wake up… I was screaming to the person I had fallen asleep on the phone with begging him to wake me up and I could hear him there breathing, I could feel how hard I was squeezing the phone trying to yell louder and louder hoping he would finally hear me and wake me up… Then I woke up and he was sleeping just like he was in my dream… The cats were on the end of the bed as if nothing had happened but I woke up in tears. The more and more I have these dreams the closer they get to each other and the more real they get. I do notice they are generally in the first couple of hours I’ve gone to sleep. I’ve never had a nightmare I can remember before maybe one or two when I was a kid. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This sounds like SP, old Hag dreams. They happen when you are on the threshold of going to sleep, or wakeing up. You are able to see/feel in the dream and in the real world.
This is not dangerous. You can use this to become lucid in the dream. You could take a look here for more information. … hlight=hag

Old Hag can be terrifying at first, but once you are used to it, it’s not so bad.

Gee, I wish I had the old hag for a moment I want to knock her out and take control of the dream!

Perhaps that is my pathway to lucidity!

PS. Goodluck in conquering the Saggy Old Hag ! lol :razz:

You are excabberating the situation by fighting against your dream. talk to teh person pushing down on you.realise its a dream (which you obvoiusly do) and you can change the dream, just by being calm NOT PANICKING! and not fighting against the dream.

Well, when i was little in scary dreams i could wake myself up. All i did was tense all my muscles in my body at once as hard as i could and i wake up. Maybe you should try this if you don’t want to face the dream.

I don’t know but this sounds more than a normal dream…perhaps aliens? :om:

I used to have these a lot, actually, until I began writing down my dreams and trying to lucid dream. They were very scary, and I felt like someone was squeezing my sides/stomach with their fingers. It was very scary. It hasn’t happened to me since I began LDing, but I sure wish it did. Great way to become lucid :smile:.

Wow, I find it really easy to wake up, it’s probably harder to stay in the dream.
When I was young, I used to have lots of nightmares. People chasing me around my house and threatning to kill me. A dream character (A representation of my mum) taught me how to wake up (This was before I even knew about LD’ing) she just said ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a dream, he can’t hurt you’ Then it was like telaphic contact, she taught me how to wake up via our minds. From now on, if i need to wake up, it’s really easy.
Your experiences though sound really intresting, scary. However not all of us have old hag alot, so you should make the most of it :tongue:

If you really want to wake up, shut your eyes real tight and then open them. Seems to work a lot for me.

Anyway, I’ll go with Last Man Standing and say that you should reason with whomever or whatever is doing that to you. That, and you need to remember that if it’s a dream, and you’re telling yourself to wake up, you can’t get hurt.

My suggestion is to simply pretend nothing is happening–after all, nothing is happening–and lie down and close your eyes as if to go to sleep. Back when I was making some lesser attempts at lucid dreaming, I found that closing my eyes could cause me to lose track of the dream.

One of my first LD’s (Before I knew what a LD was) was of me going crazy cause I couldn’t wake up. I eventually figured out how.

Stay calm, and let your eyes go out of focus. :razz:

It really is that simple. Ofcourse my eyes didn’t just go out of focus, but I got tunnel vision. When I woke up, and too this day, I can easily force myself to get tunnel vision.

Anyway, yea all you have to do is relax and you’ll wake up. Sometimes though, once you relax, the dream will change completely to your liking, so you may not always want to wake up :smile:

Ysim that exact same thing happened to me in my first LD. Was horrible at the time.

I think the more scared you become the more you believe you wont wake up. You have to know that you can wake up whenever you want. Maybe every night before you sleep tell yourself this.

Hope that helped :content: