The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XVIII

I totally agree, somethimes i find myself too official :happy:

Hello, my name is Nico and im from Norway. Im 18 and looking forward to “learn” how to living out the lucide dreaming. It would be kinda nice to get out of this miserable life sometimes, and float into a dreamy world, where no one can judge you :content:

:wave:/me waves to Cairn again :grin:

I’ll make a note of the date SoulCalibur :wiske:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Nico
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all and experience your first lucid dream soon :happy:

Well thank you :smile: Ive already started the reality check, just have to figure out a good one.


I’m new here :wink:

The regular into thread is locked for some reason so I’ll intro myself here if that’s okay:

Name: Khori
Meaning of First Name: “Fair Warrior”
Birthdate: Oct. 1976
Zodiac: Libra/Scorpio (I’m on the cusp)
Gender: Male
Beliefs: Christian
Interests: comic books
Country: Canada

I’m checking this place out not so much because of lucid dreaming, though that interests me as well, but because I experience sleep paralysis.

I’m hoping lucid dreaming techniques may help me control the paralysis (and the accompanying hallucinations).

Any others here have sleep paralysis?

Lucid dreaming is interesting and I think I’d be good at it because I already do it somewhat naturally; however, once I realize that I’m controlling my dreams I usually wake up. I heard with LD there are techniques for “stabilizing dreams”.

:welcome: Khori
the hi i’m new here topic wasn’t locked, you must have tried the announcement topic at the top of the page :smile:
I moved your post into the correct topic :happy:

we have a big sleep paralysis topic which you can find here just click the link :smile:
the common stabilising techniques for LDs are rubbing your hands, focusing on dream details before doing your LD goals, saying increase lucidity etc

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :grin:

Thank you thank you.

Is there a search feature here?

As I mentioned I’m interested in reading about sleep paralysis.

thanks for the link too.

there is a search feature. you can get to it by clicking the yellow box with search on it at the top of the page :smile:

Dreamaddict has a good google search feature on his page
you just have to sidestep an ad or two on your way

Hello , Names Ruach ( nickname).

Im 15 and I live in CA. I’ve had many expieriences in Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming, but im trying to get into the state of lucid dreaming. Im here to learn more about lucid dreaming so I can achieve it. Theres so much to read here! I love it. :boogie: .

/me runs up to Rauch, taps his shoulder and says “tag”, then scurries off…

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Ruach
don’t forget to read the topics in our library first… some information on different subjects have been collected together. Then you can just have fun browsing the topics there are lots of nuggets of good information all over the forum :smile:

/me goes to sleeep before he says something that he will regret… :razz:

/me wonders what DePerc was going to say

‘If Two is company and Three is a crowd, then what is 6000+?’

What if everyone was an active user? It would be so hard to track all of them. As its stands, I know a lot of the current active users and I’m sure it is also the case with others. The forum might lose its ‘Everyone knows everyone’ charm if everyone suddenly became active. You could really get to reply not only to the poster but to the person himself/herself here in ld4all since you would most probably know of him/her already. It’d also be a bit chaotic with 6000+.

Ok… enough of that.

Still, that doesn’t mean y’all guys aren’t welcome. Welcome :peek: .

Hi, I’m new here! Found out about LDing 3 days ago (I read an article in Wikipedia). Had my first LD last night, started my diary in the forum.

:partying_face: Welcome, manttipaa! Although some of the members here seem to be completely insane, they aren`t. At least not in the daytime. Fufufufufufu…

¡Hey Guys! I live in Irvine, Orange County, (Southern) California, USA. I’m 14 years old right now, and I just finished Grade 9 on June 23, 2005.

I’m not a total newbie to lucid-dreaming; I’ve been looking on this forum at for a while. I’ve had only 2 LD’s so far, and they both were months ago; the reason is that there’s been a long period of time where I didn’t care much about lucid-dreaming, so I didn’t have any LD’s.

Now that it’s summer-vacation, I have plenty of time to become a much better lucid-dreamer!

I know that motivation is one of the key components of becoming a successful lucid-dreamer, but that’s something that’s hard for me to keep. If I find out how to become and stay motivated, I would’ve found out how to become and stay an expert lucid-dreamer.

Now I just need fill my mind with knowledge. :content:

:wave: hello again manttipaa, I’m glad to see you found your way to the intro topic :happy:
if you want to put a link to your ld4all journal in your signature, you can do it on the profile page.
you can use [url=] my LD4all journal [/url ]

just remove the spaces between the l and the ]

:welcome: hello Zhervoskepet, I hope the summer vacation proves to be a fruitful time for LDs for you :grin:
:wow: three months before your first post, I couldn’t wait that long. :eh: I hope we get more posts from you in the future, so we can get to know you. :wiske:

Hello, all. I’m Latyon, with the T before the Y, not the other way around.

I’ve been interested in dreams for a while now, and I’ve been having lucid dreams since I found out about them a couple years ago. I told friends about it, some don’t believe it. But one of them told me about this forum, and I decided recently to join.

My latest lucid dream was the night before last night. I spent most of it learning how to make things spawn out of nowhere. I had a blast building houses.

Of course, it was a little hard. I couldn’t make them spawn completely, so I would have to close my dream eyes and imagine the whole house a few times to complete it. Then I talked to a few of my friends, who acted nearly the same as they do IRL. The only difference was that they could do anything, because it was a dream. I have yet to contact them and find out if they had the same dream.

So, I hope to make a lot of good internet friends who share the same interest in dreaming as I do! I guess this is the right place to be.

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all Latyon :grin:

:yes: yep, it’s the perfect place to be. If you start posting a little or visiting the chatroom, you will soon get to know us and accumulate a large group of online friends :content: