Shadow figure in SP revealed

Many of you who have expieriences SP have probably seen the shadow figure of a person or monster. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if someone turned a light on? Well I woke up in the morning and my room was bright and i started to fall back to sleep but I went into SP. Right when it happened I thought abut the question and looked for the figure. I saw a figure that looked like a distorted person but it was made up of a layer of this dark translucent liquid. It was like there was gasoline in it because there was the rainbow colours. It just stood there and then a circle appeared that was made of the same stuff.

Turns out this shadow is just a big phony!

:rofl: I can’t really turn on the light by my bed to see what it looks like because it almost never work in a dream (fails about 95% of the time) other lights usually work 50% of the time. But the switch for the light doesn’t work that well IRL so that’s why it never works for me :tongue: Otherwise I would have tried to see what it looks like.

I’ve been trying to see what the old hag looks like but since I usually get her when I’m sleeping on my stomach, I first have to turn around first. And by then she’s already gone :cry: guess she must be shy :shy: :tongue:

Your description is very good and very accurate, SpEEd0. I like the comparison with gasoline, because the colors looks like light reflections in gasoline on water (as you can see in harbours). Don’t you notice some fluo blue or green colors, too ?

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